O'zMU » News » The first day of spring

            Spring… It is the beginning of new life. It is the collection of one hundred, thousand, million and a lot of limitless miracles. A lot of miracles happen especially in spring. Today is the first day of spring.


            Every year I believe that the first day of spring is the most beautiful for me. New seasson is coming and I am beginning to wonder. The sun is shining and the warm and kind lights of the sun are coming through my windows. The weather is absolutely fine. I am breathing the early fresh air of spring now in the morning. I look at the bloom of trees in the garden. I am really excited. The lights of the sun from more than million kilometres away are heating my cold body…


            I am on the way to go to the faculty. Two girls are talking to each other. They are really beautiful today. I don’t know the reason… May be, the spring has influenced them. I have just realized that girls are beautiful with flowers, that is why most writers, poets and painters describe girls with flowers.

            Spring makes everybody beautiful and sincere. Looking at such beautiful girls, or staring at bloom of almonds , who will not change, who will not have such a great emotions from these scenes. Yes, some people are really rght, when they say: “Spring has influenced somebody”.

It means that from this day I begin to change into positive. It means that, today is the sacred day for everyone. From today miracles will happen.

            Welcome, spring, to my country! Welcome!!! We all love you very much…


Nosir Sherboyev,

The third year student of

The National University, Foreign philology.