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The winners of the “Knowledgeable Student” online Olympiad were solemnly awarded

November 17 - on the occasion of the International Students' Day, the Youth Affairs Agency launched the "Knowledgeable Student" online Olympiad among students. After the end of the online season of the project, the final stage was held today in Tashkent for the participants who have participated in all types of the Olympiad, scored the highest results and entered the TOP-100. Students of the Faculty of Mathematics of UzMU actively participated in the Olympiad. In the most joyful end, 3rd-year students of the Faculty of Mathematics of UzMU, Mahmudov Farrukh, Quvvatov Fathulloh, Odilov Azimjon, entered the ranks of the 50 students with the highest scores and received 1 million soums and the 4th prize of the faculty, who won the first place in the Olympiad. - grade student Torayev Jahangir became the absolute winner and was awarded with a cash prize of 101,000,000 soums. We congratulate our students on these achievements and wish them success in their future studies and work.

For information, Jahongir Torayev was born on January 26, 2002 in the city of Kattakorgan, Samarkand region. To date, he is a laureate of more than ten international mathematics Olympiads, a laureate of scholarships named after academician T. A. Sarimsakov, academician T. Kori-Niyozi, and a winner of the "Young Mathematician" scholarship organized by "Asakabank" JSC.