The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is the first and leading higher education institution not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia: 15 faculties, 80 chairs, 16 joint education programs, The number of graduates is 200,000+

A promotional event was held on the topic “Enlightenment against ignorance”

On November 16 of this year, at the cinema named after Alisher Navoi (Panorama), the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Committee on Religious Affairs under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Youth Affairs Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan In cooperation with the Naviat and Enlightenment Center, a promotion event was held on the topic "Enlightenment against ignorance". About 2,000 students of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek, representatives of the Department of Work with Youth and Spiritual Enlightenment, deputy deans for work with youth of all faculties, and about 70 tutors took part in this event.
The main goal of this event is to prevent crimes among students and fight ignorance through enlightenment.
At the event, they talked about the reforms implemented in our country today, the conditions and opportunities created for our people, and expressed an opinion about the role of education in the society in the fight against ignorance. Also, the speakers who spoke at the dialogue spoke about the reforms in the socio-economic and religious spheres carried out in our country, as well as the noble teachings of Islam, such as humanity, peace and friendship, as well as the ideological dangers that spread through the Internet and social networks and how to prevent them. Lectures were given on topics such as issues of obtaining. Also, in today's globalization era, the issue of preventing and combating various ideological threats was discussed, and the importance of fighting ignorance with enlightenment was emphasized in these processes. During the event, a short film titled "Enlightenment Against Ignorance" was presented to the students.