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A seminar was organized at the Faculty of Taekwondo and Sports Activities with the participation of a foreign specialist

At the Faculty of Taekwondo and Sports Activities of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek, in cooperation with the Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan, a training seminar was held on the topic “Analysis of international Rugby competitions and the development of rugby in South Africa” with the participation of foreign coach-consultant Andreas Human Johanness.
At this seminar, the head of the department “Taekwondo and sports activities”, associate professor Iskandar Aliyev, spoke about the measures taken by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on October 29, 2019 “Measures for the development of rugby sports in the Republic of Uzbekistan” “in order to ensure the implementation of Resolution No. 4500. which serves as a guide.
Within the framework of the seminar, students of the educational direction "Sports activity - Rugby" were provided with information about the history of the development of the sport of Rugby in the world and the modern development of this sport in our country. The seminar was attended by head coach of the national team of Uzbekistan Danil Kulikov, head coach of the youth team Yegor Lebed, press secretary of the Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan Muslima Abdumalikova.