Question: When will the entrance exam tests will be held?

Answer: Test tests are set to begin on August 1, after the end of quarantine restrictions. In the case of continued quarantine restrictions, changes can be made to the terms of conducting entrance tests.

Question:  How will the registration be organized this year?

Answer: Registration is carried out online through the Centers of Public Services, the single portal of interactive public services and the official website of the state testing center, which has been launched since the current year.Applicants are given an opportunity to register via official site of the state test Center, with the help of a mobile phone application or a computer without leaving home.

Question:  What kind of new changes will in the exam tasks of mother tongue and literature be organized this year?

Answer: The number of test assignments from the works of art recommended for independent reading on the subject of mother tongue and literature (Uzbek language and literature, Russian language and literature, Karakalpak language and literature) increases. Text test tasks are being compiled. Test assignments are formed, which help to determine the correct uses of words in the text, the correct formation of sentences, find out the meaning of words in the text and understand the main meaning of the text.  

Question:  Are there any kind of changes in the announcement of test results and its sources?

Answer: There are no changes. The results of the tests will be posted on the website on the official of the state testing center the next day, when the results of the tests were made. The applicant can know the results through his personal cabinet.

Question:  While choosing 5 education directions, can an applicant choose education types and education languages differently?

Answer: Directions of education must be selected within the same form of education and within the same language of education.

Question:  What kind of aids to applicants are being referred in the sphere of common education subjects?

Answer: The number of formal, mapped, tabular test assignments in history, geography, chemistry, biology, native language and literature, English, German, French, physics, mathematics is increased.The number of the easiest (1-level of difficulty) questions is multiplied by an average of 6 to 9-10. This is done by reducing the number of difficult (3-level of difficulty) questions. In physics, a "permanent physical size chart" has been drawn up and it is presented to the applicant during the exam tests. The number of test tasks on theoretical and laboratory work in chemistry, biology is increased. The number of fiction books recommended for reading in the subject of mother tongue and literature has increased. The test assignments that are made from them are formed not from pieces that are presented in textbooks from the art literature, but from complete works.

Question:  National testing system of evaluation should have been organized in common education subjects except foreign language in State testing center? Has it been organized yet?

Answer: The work on the creation of a national test system for the assessment of the mother tongue (Uzbek, Russian, Karakalpak) and mathematics subjects will end by the end of this year and the national certification will be issued from them. From the following years, the other subjects will be introduced gradually.

Question:  According to which criteria the three difficulty levels have been organized? Can you tell about the differences and the amount of using in the exams?

Answer: The Test task is made on the basis of three levels of difficulty:

1-degree of difficulty – a degree that determines the applicant‘s ability to remember, requiring knowledge of several terms, phenomena, rules or laws that are not so complicated as it is related to science;

2-degree of difficulty – a degree that requires the applicant to be able to analyze and think logically, apply two or three terms, phenomenon, rule or law to a subject at the same time;

3 – difficulty level is a level that requires the applicant‘s ability to connect and use three or more terms, phenomena, rules and laws necessary to find the right answer, as well as logical thinking.

Based on the characteristics of common education subjects, the composition of the test assignments of each option will consist of 1-difficulty level test assignments on average 30-40%, 2-difficulty level test assignments on average 50-60%, 3-difficulty level test assignments on average 15-25%.

Question: Can also military recommendations be used this year?

Answer: The recommendations are valid for three years from the date of issue they are given.

Question:  What kind of levels will be in foreign language in the entrance for Bachelor degree for Higher education residences?

Answer: At the entrance exams of the University, B1-level test assignments on foreign language subjects are given.

Question:  Can CEFR exams be passed online?

Answer: Currently, there is no possibility of passing the CEFR exam online, CEFR exam can be passed on the computer through the local network in the State test center.   

Question:  “IELTS indicator” was organized by IELTS in the accordance with quarantine restrictions. Does the certificate of “IELTS indicator” have a validity for privilege like traditional exams?

Answer: No. The IELTS indicator certificate does not give the applicant the privilege to enter the Bachelor‘s degree programs of State Higher Education Institutions and does not exempt the applicant from the test in foreign language. IELTS indicator is not registered as a certificate of granting privileges in the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers ą 395 “on measures to apply national and International Assessment Systems certificates in admission to higher education institutions” dated May 13, 2019.

Question:  While list-affirmed textbooks be used to compile tests or other textbooks be used?

Answer: Only the list of test assignments is compiled from approved and published textbooks. Sources, which are not included in the list are not used.

Question:  Are there one similar test assignments for all educators of school, academic lyceum, professional college? Are they constructed from the same textbooks?

Answer: In the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 25, 2017, it was established the development of general educational programs on secondary education for pupils of 10-11 classes of general secondary educational institutions and secondary special educational institutions. Test questions are constructed from the recommended textbooks, based on the general curriculum. In addition, questions are formed on the basis of fiction literature, which is recommended for independent study for students.

Question:   If the subjects in this year’s exams decrease, will the sheet of answers be changed? Where can I get acquainted with the changed version?

Answer: In the current year, the form of the answer sheet changes in connection with the passage of test tests in two subjects. The answer sheet in the new form, the official of the state testing center with the rules for its filling it is possible to get acquainted through their website, telegram channels and pages in social networks. Another source has prepared a video – “Guide to working with the answer sheet", which is shown on TV channels.

Question:  I am invalid. Is there any system, which serves for invalid applicants during the exam?

Answer: Although there is no separate system of service for persons with disabilities, the building where entrance tests are conducted and necessary conditions for working with test materials are created for persons with disabilities. In addition to working with test materials, in all cases related to mobility, practical assistance is provided to persons with disabilities by employees of all ministries and organizations participating in the testing process.

Question:  Will the processes of the entrance exam tests to Higher education residences be shown online?

Answer: You will have the opportunity to watch online testing processes in all buildings through the site and a special TV channel. In the conditions of the pandemic, parents do not need to come to the premises with applicants, gather in one place. 

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