Internships trainings and trips abroad

Internships trainings and trips abroad

On November 21, the Vice-Rector for International Relations of the National University of Uzbekistan, Shirinova Raima Khakimovna arrived in Belgium as part of the delegation of Uzbekistan, headed by Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Uzokboy Begimkulov. During the trip, the delegation participated in the conference on education “EU - Central Asia: a sustainable future through education”, which was held on November 22 by the initiative of the Finnish agency in the European Union.

From November 29 till December 3, 2019, employees of the NUUz administration will go on a business trip to the People‘s Republic of China in Hangzhou. Purpose of the trip is to develop cooperation with the China Campus Network university community, to get acquainted with the Alibaba GET "E-commers" curriculum, and to negotiate the opening of training courses based on this program at NUUz. Among the members of the delegation, Ravshan Kurbanmuratgovich Musurmanov, Vice-Rector for Methodological Support and Quality Control of Education, and Atabekov Aziz, Director of the Scientific and Practical Center for Intelligent Systems Design at NUUz.

From November 29, 2019 till December 10, 2019, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Dzhumabaev Davlatbay Khalillaevich together with the heads of the departments of mathematics and psychology will visit the Lublin University of Technology in Poland. The purpose of this trip is to negotiate the development of a master‘s program in IT and to participate in a seminar-training. Negotiations will be held as part of the CATMARAN program: the development of a master‘s program in IT.

Information about professional development, head of the Department of Physical geography National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek (NUU) Miraclelove Mirali turebaevich of the Department of Physical geography and landscape science, Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov (from October 1 to October 31).

M.Ò.Ìirakmalov arrived at the Department of Physical geography and landscape science, Moscow state University.M. V. Lomonosov on October 1, 2019 and at the meeting of the Department discussed the program and the individual plan of the trainee. According to the plan, in the first week of the internship I got acquainted with the curriculum and organization of educational, methodical, research work of the Department. These works were presented to Professor A. V. Khoroshev and A. S. V. A. Nizovtsev.

 prof. A. V. Khoroshev familiarizing with the curriculum and
 organization of educational and methodical works
  leading researcher V. A. Nizovtsev familiarized with research organizations

M. T. Mirkmalov attended training sessions following the leading staff of the Department: corresponding member.-Corr. Ran K. N. The deacons, A.V. khoroshev, V. I. Mironenko, K. A. Avessalomova I. A., D. SC., A. Yu. Reteyum, Assoc. A. N. Ivanov, leading researcher Nizovtsev And Others. Classes from the Department of Geochemistry and Geophysics of landscapes of Acad were also attended. N. S. Kasimov and from the Department of physical geography of the world and Geoecology Assoc. N. N. Alekseeva.


Visit lessons on General geography Professor A. Y. Reteyum and discussion


Attending classes On physical geography of continents and oceans Assoc. N. N. Alekseeva and its discussion


Visit classes I. A. Avessalomova and discussion


A visit to the gym Acad. N. S. Kasimova and scientific conversation 

It was also planned to familiarize with the complex of measures for the organization and conduct of educational field practice of MSU in order to introduce them into the educational process at NUUz. I. V. Mironenko, one of the heads of the practice, acquainted With them.

 I. V. Mironenko familiarizes with the organization and conduct of
educational field practice of MSU
  On the training field base

With scientific and scientific-pedagogical activities of the Department of Physical geography and landscape studies of Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov trainee acquainted responsible for scientific work of the Department VA Nizovtsev. The trainee studied the principles of operation and practical application of modern measuring instruments and equipment in the laboratory of the Department under the guidance of prof. B. P. Shevchenko.

Prof. V. V. Sysuev and eng. B. p. Shevchenko gets acquainted with the principles of work and practical applications of modern measuring instruments and equipment 

In addition to the above, M. T. Mirakmalov were present at faculty meetings and October 15, 2019 at the next meeting members were briefed by the Department about the goals of the internship, and also talked about the activities of the faculty, Department and about his scientific work.He participated in the scientific seminars of the Department "Landscape planning” and "Landscape seminar", which were held on 8 and 15 October 2019.


At the scientific seminar “Landscape planning”


Discussion of M. T. Mirakmalov‘s doctoral dissertation at the scientific seminar


M. T. Mirakmalov teaches practical classes for students of geographical faculty of Moscow state University


With colleagues in the Department

M. T. Mirakmalov‘s internship was useful for improving the educational process at the NUUz, the development of scientific research of the Department and the trainee, the development of scientific and methodological ties between MSU and NUUz. The goals have been achieved in full.


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