General and inorganic chemisty

Head of the department Nurmonov Suvonkul Erhanovich
Head of the department, Doctor of Chemical Sciences
Reception Monday-Saturday, 14:00 - 17:00
Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
Phone (0 371) 246-07-88
Department of inorganic chemistry of NUU of Mirzo Ulugbek  founded in 1932.Professor B. G. Zaprometov directed department.

  • In 1937-1949 professor E. I. Posner directed department. In this period scientific research of the department about two directions were carrie the out.
  • In 1958-1989 professor H.R. Rakhimov directed department. In this period scientific research of department was conducted in the following directions: the physical and chemical analysis of system water-salt, studying of complex connections with ligands of collateral metals which contains nitrogen and oxygen in the structure of elements.
  • In 1989-2010 the academician N. A. Parpiyev directed department. And also in 2010-2011  Sh. A. Kadyrova, in 2011-2017 S.E.Nurmonov were heads of department.
  • In 2002-2017 science team of department on the 3rd fundamental grant of the center of Science and technology of Uzbekistan (F.3.9, F.3-142 (head N. A. Parpiyev) and FM-3-342 (Head Sh. A. Kadyrova) conducted scientific research. Now the science team carries out work on the practical project (7-49, the head N. A. Parpiyev) and on the fundamental scientific project (OTF-7-45, the head N. A. Parpiyev and YoF-7-4, the head D.S.Rakhmonova).
In the direction of scientific works of department graduate students, doctoral candidates and scientific researchers have prepared 3 doctors and 12 masters theses and have successfully protected.

As a result of the carried-out scientific works of department 46 new organic connection are synthesized and they were used as ligands. From them 12 the molecular and crystal structure has been revealed on the basis of RSA. On the basis of these ligands more than 250 complex compounds of collateral metals have been synthesized. Including, crystal structure of 30 complex connections and biological activity more than 50 connections is revealed.
Data about the synthesized at department and certain crystal structures by RSA of 37 substances it is sent to "bank of the international structural data" and now specialists of the whole world use them.
In cooperation of staff of department 9 monographs and textbooks such as "Chemistry of coordination connections", "Inorganic chemistry", "Theoretical fundamentals of inorganic chemistry" in Uzbek are published. Teachers of department have written textbooks of methodics, such as: "Laboratory class in inorganic chemistry" (in Russian and Uzbek Latin letters), "The plan of seminars and colloquiums relating to modular system on inorganic chemistry" (in Russian and Uzbek) and several collections.
Now the head of department is professor Sh.A.Kadirova. 1 academician, 4 professors, 4 associate professors work at department. 

Department of the general chemistry

In 2011 accession of department of the general chemistry with department of inorganic and analytical chemistry has formed department of the general, inorganic and analytical chemistry.
The department of the general chemistry is formed under the leadership of the honored worker of national education of Uzbekistan, the Doctor of Chemistry, professor T. S. Sirlibayev. He ran the department in 1981-2008. From 2008 to 2011 department the by candidate chemical sciences, associate professor S.E.Nurmanov was directed.
Scientific direction of Catalytic Synthesis of New Organic Compounds on the basis of Oil, Natural Gas and Products of Their Processing, Studying of Properties and Range of Application department. For these years the staff of department and in cooperation with other organizations has prepared 3 doctors of science and 17 candidates of science.
Now 4 reseachers work over doctors and 12 on the candidates dissertation. On the basis of the carried-out scientific - research works more than 600 scientific works, 2 monographs, 1 textbook and 26 manuals are published. It is received 44 authors certificates and 4 patents, more than 170 new organic compounds are synthesized, production technologies of 4 products are developed.
For improvement of preparation of scientific shots, and also development of integration of the higher education, Academy of Sciences and production at department together with Institute of chemistry and physics of polymers of Academy of Sciences The General and Petrochemistry educational scientific center is organized. In 1999 at department the magistracy in "Chemistry of oil and natural gas" was opened and every year 8-10 master dissertations were successfully defended.
The faculty of department gave lecture and practical classes with students of chemical faculty in the courses "Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis", "Labor Protection by Production", students of not chemical directions at the courses "Chemistry", "The General of Chemistry", "Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry" and in magistracies on the basis of the directions of chemistry of the general and special courses.

Members of the Department:

1. NURMONOV SUVONQUL ERKHONOVICH (head of the department )
4.  TURGUNOV ERKHAN (docent)

Basic Indicators
1250 -
17650 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
56 Yonalish bakalavr
125 Xalqaro talabalar soni
128 Xalqaro professor-o`qituvchilar soni
91 Mutaassislik magistratura