Department of analytical chemistry

Head of the department Smanova Zulayho Asanalievna
Head of the department, Doctor of Chemical Sciences
Reception Monday-Saturday, 14:00-17:00
Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
Phone +998935497497

Department of Analytical chemistry

Year of the department organization: 1933.

Heads of the Department. Acad. Tolipov Sh.T. (1950-1990 years), doc. Shesterova I.P. (1990-1995 years), prof. Babaev N.B. (1995-2000 years), doc. Turabov N.T. (2000-2005 years), doc. Smanova Z.A. (2016 –at the present time). In 2005 year department of analytical chemistry was united with department of inorganic department; chief of department was acad. Parpiev N.A. During 2012-2016 years the name of department was “department of general, inorganical and analical chemistry”; chief of department was Nurmanov S.E. From 25 may 2016 year department of analytical chemistry was transformed in independed department; chief of department –Smanova Z.A.

Staff of the department: prof. Smanova Z.A., doc. Turabov N.T., PhD Ziyaev D.A., Turambetova A.K., DSc working for a doctor`s degree Qutlimurotova N.Kh., Yakshiyaeva Z.Z., PhD working for this type of doctor`s degree Rahimov S.B., independed competitors Tojibayev B., Juraev I.I., Inatova M.S.

Educational - methodical work. At the department in bachelors degree lectures, seminars, laboratory works by the subjects "Analytical chemistry" and “Analysis of objects of environment” have been carried out.

At the department by duration of magistrary 5A140501 – chemistry (analytical chemistry) lectures, seminars, laboratory, self-dependent and laboratory studies have been carried out by 7 special-courses: "Molecular spectroscopic analysis", "Electrochemical analysis", "Atom spectroscopic analysis", "Concentration and separation methods", "Chemical sensors" “Determination natural and technical objects”.

During last two years at the department “Analytical chemistry more than 300 scientifical works, 2 monographs, 2 educational and educational-methodical text-books including “Analytical chemistry” lectures in two parts (2000 year); “Methods of titrimethrical analysis” –educationally –metodical text-book (2012 year); “Qualitative analysis” methodical text-book by analytical chemistry (2017 year) have been published and also 1 patent of UZ was obtained.

Scientific - research works of department. The base trend of scientifically –research work of department is “Synthesis organical analytical reagents, elaboraboration of solid electrodes and on their base –selective and precious optical and electrochemical methods of determination of metals, mutagens, cancerogens and etoxycants in objects of environment”. Students, magistrants and doctorants of department of analytical chemistry have worked over their scientifical works jointly with scientific-investigated institute Hydrometrology; institute of Nuclear Physics (department of radio-preparated) and carried out the investigation in CAL of AGMC and NGMC.

Defendence of dissertations: doctors disserrfnnfcfy ufytation-Smanova Z.A. (2015); candidate dissertation: N.T. Turabov (1985); Qutlimurotova N.Kh. (2011); PhD dissertation Ziyaev D.A. (2017); Ruzmetov U.U. (2018).

Grants: 2-fundamental; 1-applied; 3-youth.

Cooperatio: MSU, SamDU, USU, PhMJ (Tashkent), SU (Navoiy), SU (Bukhara), scientifical-investigation institute of Hydrometrology, Institute of nuclear phycics, CAL AGMK (Almalik), NGMC (Navoiy).

In 2016 year branch of department of analytical chemistry in academical lyceum at Tashkent Pediatrical institute was opened.

Basic Indicators
1200 Ïðîôåññîð-¢êèòóâ÷èëàð ñîíè
15500 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
45 Ta’lim yo‘nalishlari