Organic chemistry

Head of the department Kholikov Tursunali Suyunovich
Head of the department, Candidate of Chemistry
Reception Monday-Saturday, 14:00-17:00
Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
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Department of Organic chemistry

Year of the organization of the department: 1921.

Heads of the Department. prof. Naumov S.N. (1921-1930), academician Sukervanik .I.P (1933-1968)UzR academician Sukervanik I.P. (1931-1967), prof. Aburasuleva .R. (1967-1984), prof. Yuldashev .Y. (1984-1992), prof.Ahmedov K.N. (1993-2008), do. Tojimuhamedov X.S. (2009-2012), Ahmedov U.Ch. (2013-2014), Xolikov .S. (2015).

The staff of the department: Head of department, Candidate of Technical Sciences Kholykov T.S., doz. Tozhimuhamedov T.S., prof. Abdushukurov A.K., acting assoc. Yuldasheva M.R., teachers Azimov G.Z., Khurramov E.N., Yusufov M.S., Turaeva Kh.K.

Educational - methodical work. On the department by the direction of undergraduate lectures, seminar and laboratory works on the subjects "Organic chemistry" Theory of the structure of organic compounds", Chemistry (organic chemistry). On the masters degree there are following courses "Petrochemical synthesis", "Organic functional analysis", "Structure and reactivity of organic compounds", "Dynamic stereochemistry", "Chemistry of metall-organic compounds", "Biological activity of organic compounds", "Chromotographic and spectral methods in organic chemistry. The following textbooks and teaching text-books have been published by the teaching staff: Kh.M. Shohidoyatov, Kh.U. Khuzhaniyozov, Kh.S. Tozhimukhammedov, textbook "Organic Chemistry" for universities (2014) A.G. Azimov, H.S., Tozhimuhammedov, A.Ch. Ahmedov. Fundamentals of petrochemistry (2013), K.N. Akhmedov, H.Y. Yuldashev, O.Ch. Ahmedov. "Methods of organic chemistry" I part (2011), K.N. Akhmedov, M.R. Yuldasheva. "Methods of Organic Chemistry" II part (2011) and others.

Scientific research works are carried out in the following directions: The main direction of scientific research is "Reactions of electrophilic, nucleophilic substitution in the aromatic and heterocyclic series"

In 2016-2017, investigations by alkylation, acylation, nitrosation, nitration, diazotization, amidoalkylation of phenols, aromatic hydrocarbons, phenol esters, dibenzo-18-crown-6 " have been cavrich out

Every year more than 50 scientific works are published by the department. In recent years 4 patents for inventions have been received, 10 scientific developments have been introduced, in the educational process. Negotiations are being conducted with NMMC (Navoi) "Navoi nitrogen JSC, Ferghana Oil Refinery.

       Protection of the thesis: Doctoral dissertations: A.K. Abdushukurov (2008), Yuldasheva M.R. (2017)

Candidates dissertations: S.A. Andreev (2002) K.M. Valikhanov (2003), Mamatkulov N.N. (2004) Ahmedov U.Ch. (2009), Holikov T.S. (2007), Yuldasheva M.R. (2010), Yusupova M.U. (2008), PhD dissertations Nurmuhammadov Zh.Sh. (2017) Choriev A.U. (2017) on the department there is a circle and a scientific seminar on the speciality "Organic chemistry"

Grants:OT-F-7-50. Allylation of phenols with allyl ethers. 2017-2020. Scientific adviser dots.H.S. Tadzhimuhamedov.

OT-F-7-58. "Investigation of the chemical properties of heterocyclic compounds during the formation of indolyl-3-acetic acid by rhizobacteria" 2017-2020. Scientific lender Yuldasheva M.R.

OT-F-7-56. Study of isomerization of propargyl ether of phenol. 2017-2020. Scientific lender prof. Abdugafurov I.A.

Communications and cooperation: JSC "Uzbekkimyosanoat", "Sorb-Tech"

NPO "Physics-of sun" at the Physico-technical institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, IHRV ANRUZ, NGMK (Navoi), JSC "Navoiazot"

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