Chemistry of natural compounds

Head of the department Maulyanov Salihjan Alimjanovich
Head of the department,
Reception Monday-Saturday, 14:00-17:00
Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
Phone +998(93)398-71-90

Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds

In 1946, Academician Abid Sadykovych Sadykov organized the department "Plant Chemistry", and in 1950 renamed as the Department of "Chemistry of Natural Compounds".

Heads of the department: 0

Academician A.S. Sadykov (1946-1968),

Prof. O.S.Otroschenko (1968-1980),

Prof. Kh.A.Aslanov (1980-1985, 1988-1992), Associate Professor T. K.Yunusov (1985-1988),

prof.S.A.Auelbekov (1992-1998),

Acad.SH.I.Salikhov (1998-2004),

Prof. A.A. Sadykov (2004-2005),

prof. D.N. Dalimov (2005-2012),

Associate Professor A.Kh. Khaitbaev (2012-2013),

Associate Professor S..Maulianov (2013-present time).

Educational and methodical work. The department conducts classes in the direction of the formation of the bachelor 5140500-Chemistry: "Bioorganic chemistry", "Physical methods of research", "Methods of teaching chemistry", "Computer modeling in chemistry", "Fundamentals of supramolecular chemistry"; 5A140501-Chemistry (bioorganic chemistry): "Mechanism of action of biologically active substances", "Selected chapters of chemistry of natural compounds", "Physical methods of studying natural compounds," "Structure and biological function of proteins," "Chemistry of natural heterocyclic compounds, "Physico-chemical analysis of natural compounds," "Chemistry of lipids and biomembranes," "Chemistry of low-molecular bioregulators," "Chemistry of carbohydrates."

The departments staff published a monograph and textbooks A.S. Sadykov, Kh.A. Aslanov, Yu.K.Kushmuradov "Alkaloids of the quinolysidine series", A.S. Sadykov, F.I. Ershov, ASNovokhatsky, S.Auuelbekov "Interferon inductors" , T.Yunusov, U.N. Zainutdinov, K.U. Utenyazov, S.I. Salikhov "Physical methods in chemistry", N.N. Zainutdinov "Scientific bases of processing of plant raw materials", T.Yunusov, S.A.Maulyanov "Physical methods of natural compounds research", M.A.Turabekova, M.G.Levkovich "Mathematical modeling of the structure of chemical compounds and their reactivity", A.G.Eshimbetov, A.Kh. Khaitboev, S.M. A.Maulyanov, Kh.S. Toshov "Computer Chemistry" and a number of methodical manuals on bachelor and masters courses of the department.

At the present time, Academician Sh.I.Salikhov (scientific adviser), 1 doctor of sciences, 5 candidates of sciences and 1 teacher work at the department; the scientific potential of the department is 86%.

The scientific direction of the department - for the period from 2000-2018 on the scientific direction of the department "Structure research, modification, mechanism of action of physiologically active compounds isolated from plants growing in Uzbekistan, as well as the creation of medicines for medicine and agriculture" carried out 18 fundamental, applied and innovative projects, 2 medicines have been introduced into medical practice. About 500 scientific works were published, in particular 14 patents and authors certificates, 1 textbook, 4 teaching aids, 20 teaching-methodic aids and 2 monographs were published.

Training of scientific and pedagogical staff. At the department 16 doctors of sciences, more than 100 candidates of sciences, 86 masters and graduates of bachelors-young specialists are trained.

On the basis of international cooperation, qualified personnel for such countries as India, China, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan have been trained.

In 1998 the educational and research center "Bioorganic chemistry" was organized at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

In 2008 the specialty of the master 5A440419 "Methodology of teaching chemistry" was opened at the Faculty of Chemistry;

In 2009, a student reception was opened at the Faculty of Chemistry in the direction of the formation of the baccalaureate 5441500 "Chemistry of Natural Compounds".

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