Land Hydrology

The department of "Land Hydrology" was established in 1945 on the initiative of professors N. L. Korzhenevsky, V. M. Chetyrkin and V. L. Schultz. Currently, the department is headed by Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor F.Hikmatov.
Over the years, several famous hydrologists as professors V.L. Shults, O.P. Shcheglova, G.Ye.Glazyrin, G.N.Trofimov, associate professors Z.V.Djiordjio, P.M.Mashukov, R.Mashrapov, N.K.Lukina, L.I. Shalatova, I.R.Alimukhamedov, A .R.Rasulov, E.M.Videneeva, M.A.Nasirov, Z.S.Sirlibaeva and others.
Today, at the department, personnel training is carried out in areas 5140700-Hydrometeorology, 5141100-Hydrology, as well as in the specialties 5A140702-Hydrometeorology. The department has a supporting basic doctoral (PhD) and doctoral (DSc) specialty 11.00.03 - Land Hydrology. Water resources. Hydrochemistry.
In the educational process, along with the doctor of science, professor and candidates of science, associate professors of the department, are also actively involved scientists from NIGMI - Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. B.K.Tsarev, Dr., prof. A.K.Abdullaev and Ph.D. T.A.Ahmedova, Senior specialists from the Water problem Institutes — prof. EI Chembarisov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. M.A. Yakubov and others.
Over the past period, the department has trained more than 1,200 hydrological engineers, bachelor-hydrometeorologists, as well as more than 80 masters in the fields of hydrology and hydrometeorology. Today, more than 40 of them have DSc degree, about 300 have candidate of science (or PhD).
The department cooperates with Uzgidromet under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment Protection, the National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Fribourg University of Switzerland, Moscow State University named after Al-Farabi, the Institute of Deserts of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, the Institute of Seismology, the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the National Center for Geodesy and Cartography, the National Encyclopedia of Uzbekistan and other research and production organizations and enterprises.
During the years of independence, the department carried out research work on 1 fundamental, 7 applied and 2 innovative projects. Professors and teachers of the department participated in the implementation of 5 international grants. As a result, for the first time, the Map “Surface Waters of Uzbekistan”, “Atlas of Surface Waters of Uzbekistan” (in Uzbek, English and Russian), “Geographical Atlas of Uzbekistan” (Tashkent, 2012, 34 pp), 7 monographs and 3 scientific brochures were prepared and published.
Over the years, the department published 3 textbooks, 12 teaching aids, as well as more than 20 instructional guidelines. They are widely used in the educational process in universities of Uzbekistan and neighboring independent countries.
In the last 2017-2018 years, 2 DSc and 1 PhDs were prepared at the department, and also 2 defended doctoral dissertations (DSc) and 1 for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) among the graduates of the department.
The main objective of the department staff is to prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of hydrology and the implementation of research in this area. For this purpose, the department has links with foreign research institutes and higher educational institutions.

BSc and MSc. Currently, the department prepares:

  • 5140700 – Hydrometeorology (BSc);
  • 5141100 – Hydrology (BSc);
  • 5À140702 – Hydrometeorology (MSc).

And also at the department are supporting doctoral studies PhD and DSc in the specialty 11.00.03 - Land Hydrology. Water resources. Hydrochemistry.


Currently, the department for students will hold 2 DSc, professors, 1 senior lecturer and 1 lecturer. Most members of the department graduated from the Faculty of Geography.  


The themes of the research work of the Department of Land Hydrology is called “Study of the regularities of the formation of hydrological regime and water resources of Uzbekistan rivers and adjacent territories under climate change. It is dedicated to solving scientific, theoretical and practical problems of the territorial development of the republic.
Formed research works of scientific schools:
 Glaciology and monitoring of snow cover;
 Hydrology of lakes and reservoirs;
 Engineering Hydrology - hydrological estimations and forecasts;
 mathematical modeling of hydrological processes;
 mudflow hydrology;
 river sediment;
 hydrology of irrigated lands;
 hydrochemistry of reservoirs;
 Protection and rational using of water resources etc.


Currently, the faculty of the department carried out 3 fundamental, 9 applied and 2 innovative projects. Currently, under the Innovation Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan the following projects are being implemented:
OT-F5-13 “Study of the regularities of formation of hydrological regime and water resources of the rivers of Uzbekistan and adjacent territories under climate change” (PM - prof. F. Khikmatov), 51.6 mln. sums;
 ÎÒ-Ô6-062 - “Investigation of some regularities of hydrological and physiographic processes of the Aral Sea basin” (PM - Prof. F. Khikmatov), 128 mln. UZS;
 Project 530666-NEMPUS-1-2012-1-LT-NEMPUS-JPCR (2013-2016), $ 71716;
 Project # 00076245/00076245 (2013-2015), $ 180,000;
 Project # 00082613 / AF (2015-2019), $ 80,000.

International relationships



  •  Introduction to the specialty
  •  Statistical methods in hydrometeorology
  •  General and special hydraulics
  •  Hydrophysics and water balance studies
  •  Hydrometry
  •  General Hydrology
  •  Limnology
  •  Hydrometeorological estimations
  •  Glaciology
  •  Reclamation hydrology and water management calculations
  •  Climate change and its impact on the natural resource potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  •  Hydrological forecasts
  •  Organization and planning of hydrometeorological services
  •  General hydrology and climatology
  •  Water cadastre
  •  Introduction to hydrology
  •  Hydrography
  •  Hydrophysics
  •  Hydraulics of open channels
  •  Hydrochemistry
  •  Oceanology
  •  Water resources and their rational use
  •  Protection of land waters
  •  Dynamics of channel flows and channel processes
  •  River flow and hydrological calculations
  •  Hydrology of irrigated lands



  •  Land Hydrology
  •  Hydrological calculations and forecasts
  •  Hydrometeorological regime of lakes and reservoirs
  •  Limnology
  •  Hydrometeorological processes
  •  Siltation of the reservoir, methods of their calculation and forecast

Scientific –educational laboratory “Hydraulics” 

Field training work

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