Department of World Literature

 The history of the Department: Department of world literature is formed by joining of two departments: the department of Russian Literature and the department of foreign literature.
The Department of Russian literature is one of the oldest departments of National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek (NUUz, this status was awarded to the University in 2000), dates back to the rich heritage of the General Department of Russian Philology, which began operating on historical (historical-philological) faculty of Central Asian state University (CASU) in 1941, From 1945 to 1990 the head of  department was doctor of philological sciences, professor G. P. Vladimirov, honored scientific figure, member of the Board of the Union of writers of Uzbekistan, editor of the magazine "Star of the East".
Subsequently, from 1990 to 2001 the Department was headed by Professor A. Z. Vulis, associate professor P. P. Philippov, associate professor K. R. Babadjanova. From 2001 to 2011 the department was headed by doctor of philological Sciences A. N. Davshan.
The department of foreign literature was founded in 1975.  From 1985 to 1993 the Department was headed by associate professor    I. F. Borisova. From 1993 to 2010 the department was headed by associate professor B. S. Ermatov
In September, 1993, on the basis of  joining of the Romanian-German faculty and the faculty of Russian Philology of the Tashkent state University (TashSU, is the name of the University obtained in 1960) opened the faculty of foreign Philology (FFPh), which established the department of Russian and foreign literature under the guidance of PhD., Assoc. A. V. Popov. (2011 – 2013).
Department of Russian and foreign philology was renamed to the department of world literature in 2014. Candidate of philological sciences, associate prof. O. N. Gibraltarskaya headed the department from 2013 to 2016. Currently the department is headed by doctor of philological sciences, associate prof. S.E. Kamilova
During the World War II in these departments worked well-known scientists as  D. Piksanov, D. Blagoy, N. Brodsky, K. Zielinski, B. Zhirmunsky, I. Veksler, V. Meylakh and etc.
Under the leadership of these scholars who contributed to the development of not only Russian, but also Uzbek literature, formed the scientific activities of Professor G. P. Vladimirov, associate professors N. P. Krementsov, L. A. Perepelitsina, who trained new research personnel including PhD. M. M. Saksonova, associate professors N. P. Malakhov, Y. A. Moritz, F. V. Pankratev.
In the 1960 – 70’s the staff of the Department refilled with the graduates of Tashkent State University: associate professors L. A. Tartakovskaya, L. I. Levina, L. V. Bulkina, B. A. Geronimus, D. B. Salimova, A. N. Davshan, Vladimirskiy A. G., O. A. Pidaeva, P. P. Filippov, D. G. Abdullaeva (1968-2012), K. R. Babadjanova (1974-2012.), Borisova I. F. (1968 – 2012), senior teachers. Zhitova L. K., E. L. Hantske and others came to work.
These scientists were trained the current content of the scientists of the department, graduates of the NUUz – Kaminskaya E.M., Gibraltarskaya O.N., Jalilova H. M., Alimova N. X., Baltabayeva A. M.,  Davletova K. S., Ikramova F. M.
The department trains specialists in the fields of bachelor degree "Philology and teaching languages (Russian, English, French, German)", "Native language and literature (Russian and literature), “Foreign language and literature", as well as specialty of master‘s degree "Literary Studies (Russian literature)".
Pedagogical task of the department is not only to prepare specialists with a detailed understanding of national literatures, comparative history of literatures, the place of specific literature in the national and world culture, the works of certain writers, but also able to work professionally with any literary texts (analysis / comments / review / translation).
Scientists of the department of world literature work out
• Problems of comparative literature, translation studies.
• Methodology of modern theoretical and historical poetics.
• New approaches to analysis and interpretation of the literary text.
The department organizes International and Republican scientific and scientific-practical conferences as “Duhovnost na rubeje tisyacheletiy”, “Vostok-Zapad: aspekti kulturnogo vzaimodeystviya”, “Russkiy yazik i literature v Uzbekistane”, as well as anniversary conferences of  M.Y. Lermontov, A.S. Pushkin, A.A. Akhmatova, A.A. Block,  M.I. Svetaeva, F.M. Dostoevsky and others. Every year department organizes scientific conference of young philologists “Molodaya filologiya”. Teachers of the department and prepared by them young researchers, undergraduate students and magistrates are active participants of international research projects, scientific congresses and conferences.
The department is the basic structure in developing of qualification requirements, curricula and programs on the history and theory of literature at the bachelor‘s "Philology and language teaching (Russian language)" and the specialty of master’s degree  "Literary Study (Russian literature)".

1.     Kamilova Saodat Ergashevna – DSc., associate prof., head of department of World literature

2.     Boltaboev Khamidullo Ubaydullaevich–   DSc., prof.

3.     Kasimova Zamira Abdullaevna – DSc., associate prof.

4.     Nizamova Munira Nizamovna –  PhD., associate prof.

5.     Alieva Dilorom Tursunbaevna– PhD., associate prof.

6.     Egamberdiyeva Guzal Madryarovna  –  PhD., associate prof.

7.     Djalilova Khurshida Mirkhalikovna –  PhD., associate prof.

8.     Kaminskaya Elena Mikhaylovna  –  DSc., associate prof.

9.     Hatamova Dilfuza Abduvahŕbovna –  PhD., associate prof.

10.                       Gibraltarskaya Oksana Nikolaevna– PhD., associate prof.,

11.                       Alimova Nargiza Khamidullaevna–senior teacher

12.                       Kuchkarova Haviza Sherbabayevna –senior teacher

13.                       Fayzieva Malika Sadykovna –senior teacher

14.                       Baltabaeva Aziza Mannabovna– teacher

15.                       Ikrŕmova Feruza Makhamovna– teacher

16.                       Kurchastova Anna Shavkatovna – teacher

17.                       Pulatova Viktoriya Iskanderovna – teacher

18.                       Yuldasheva Ohida Bahtiyarovna – teacher


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17650 Jami talabalar soni
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