Effective international cooperation

Professors and teachers of the National University of Uzbekistan annually participate in international projects presented by international European organizations. In 2019, the university completed 12 international projects under the Erasmus + program. These projects were carried out in the framework of academic exchange, research and experience exchange between executives.

From February 7 to 15 of the current year, Vice-Rector for International Relations of the National University of Uzbekistan Raima Shirinova and doctoral student Nigina Tukhtasinova attended a meeting of the Coordinators at the University of Poitiers in the framework of Key Action 1 - Mobility for learners and staff - Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility.

Representatives from the Kazakh National University, the Kyrgyz National University and the National University of Uzbekistan participated in the training.The members of the project got acquainted with the structure of the University of Poitiers, the activities of the International Relations Department, the Faculty of foreign languages, and the Faculty of Economics. At the same time, the grantees shared their university‘s experience in attracting international students.In addition, they organized training sessions for foreign students, exchanged pedagogical and methodological experience.

Furthermore, project coordinators Patrice Naudin and Lichia Bagini shared their plans for the future. It is planned that 3 students of NUU will be sent to University of Poitiers for 4 months to study in the next academic year and 2 members of faculty staff will be sent for an advanced training.

All members of the project got acquainted with the facilities of the University of Poitiers, laboratories, libraries, student dormitories. The members of the project were particularly pleased with the fact that the dormitory for foreign students was provided with all the necessary conditions for students‘ study, for example, availability of restrooms, sports and recreation, music rooms and conference halls are among them.

Great work is being done on academic exchange of students and teachers in the framework of international grants at the National University of Uzbekistan. In 2019, 26 professor and staff members, 4 PhD students and 2 students have been abroad.


Key Action 1 - Mobility for learners and staff
Basic Indicators
1182 Professor-o‘qituvchilar soni
15275 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
56 Yo‘nalish bakalavr
91 Mutaőassislik magistratura