New opportunities for students from Uzbekistan.

Representatives of the Nagoya University (Japan) in Uzbekistan are expressing their deep respect for the National University of Uzbekistan.
The University of Nagoya reports that in April 2018, a series of meetings were held between the Director of the Institute of Asian Satellite campuses at the University of Nagoya F.Isoda with the administrations of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Ministry of Public Education, the Ministry of Innovative Development. Following the results of these meetings, the University of Nagoya announced a recruitment of candidates from Uzbekistan for admission to a doctoral program in the field of educational research and psychological sciences.
All costs associated with training, regular visits to the University of Nagoya and research in general are covered by the Japanese side.
The deadline for submission of the necessary documents to the Representative Office of the Nagoya University in Uzbekistan is December 7, 2018 to 17:00.
For more detailed acquaintance with the conditions and requirements of the program, candidates can contact the Representative Office at:

Amir Temur Street 107, 14-B, International Business Center. Tel: 238-94-05 / 06

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15275 Jami talabalar soni
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