The “El-Yurt Umidi” Foundation under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Eastern Committee of the German Economy


Application Procedure (in details)

The application procedure is divided into three parts: online application in English or German (end of November to mid-December); interview in Tashkent (January);
3.and the selection of the proposed candidate by the company (February-March).
Candidates apply for internships in their respective fields of study, not for specific positions or companies. The Programme will forward the profiles of shortlisted candidates to the companies. Candidates should not contact companies in advance.
Most of the companies make their decision based on the written application and the recommendation of the selection committee. However, some companies also conduct short telephone or Skype interviews with the proposed candidates themselves.

Stage 1: Online Application

Your application needs to be written either in English or in German. Choose one language to set up your application.
Before you fill in the online application, you should prepare the following documents:

1. Letter of motivation in English or German (as one PDF file)
The motivation letter is one of the main criteria, which distinguish you from other candidates. Therefore, make sure that your motivation letter addresses the following topics. Sign your letter at the end:
a.What is your motivation to apply for the Internship Programme of German Business?
b.What is your working field (fields) of preference (e.g. business administration or engineering sector, IT or law) and what do you hope to learn during the internship? How will you use this internship opportunity to excel your professional development?
c.What makes you a valuable asset to a company? Name experience, skills and personal characteristics.
d.Describe the set of experiences, skills and ambitions from which you drive your motivation to contribute to the development in your country.

2.Curriculum vitae in English or German (Please use the provided template and upload it as one PDF file: Download in Word

3.Portrait photo in a common graphics format, e.g. JPG (as a separate document)

4.Scanned transcript of records: overview of the courses and marks, issued by your faculty (as one PDF file)
•Master students: transcript of records of master studies AND transcript of records of bachelor studies. If you just started your Master studies and cannot provide a transcript of records please provide a confirmation of enrolment AND transcript of records of bachelor studies.

5.Translation of transcript of records in English or German (as one PDF file)
•The documents can be translated by you, not necessarily by an official translator.

6.Two recommendation letters from professors, supervisors or other relevant referees (as one PDF file)

7.Optional: other scanned documents available, combined as one PDF file (e.g. language certificates for German or English, references, diplomas)
You may upload the documents in PDF or JPG formats.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted!

Stage 2: Interviews
All candidates will be informed about the outcome of the first selection round. Candidates will be notified by email at least one week in advance whether they are invited to the interview or not. The interviews will only be conducted on certain days in Tashkent. We cannot offer the possibility of Skype or phone interviews.
The selection committees consist of project coordinators. The interviews last about 20 minutes and will be conducted either in German or in English, depending on the language skills of the applicant. 

Stage 3: Selection by companies

Candidates will be informed whether they are placed onto the shortlist by end of January. Shortlisted candidates will be recommended to German companies. Most of the companies decide to whom offer an internship based on the written application documents and the recommendation of the selection committee. However, some of the companies also conduct short telephone or Skype interviews with the proposed candidates.
To be shortlisted does not mean that a candidate is going to be granted an internship placement. Companies will choose candidates from the shortlist according to their requirements and internship specifications. Half of the shortlisted candidates usually receive a scholarship and an internship placement.
The Programme will provide companies with profiles of shortlisted candidates in February.
The decision making process within the companies can last until the end of March.

Stage 4: Preparation and Start of Internships
During March and April, the scholarship holders will be prepared for the internships and their stay in Germany and Uzbekistan. The Programme handles most of the logistical and administrative tasks.

All scholarship holders participate in the introductory workshop in Tashkent in the first week of April. After the introductory workshop, the scholarship holders travel to their final destination in Germany and start their internship on the beginning of May. There shall be no exceptions to this rule.

Basic Indicators
1250 Professor-o‘qituvchilar soni
17650 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
56 Yo‘nalish bakalavr
125 Xalqaro talabalar soni
128 Xalqaro professor-o`qituvchilar soni
91 Mutaõassislik magistratura