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Honorable professors and teachers! Dear colleagues!

In this year we celebrate our professional holiday with elated spirit and raised devotion to our profession. Trust shown by the head of our state, Shavkat Mirziyoyev during his visit to our university made us strengthened and motivated more and more to achieve our new goals in the sphere of education. 

It will not be an exaggeration to say, there have not been such an enormous attention to the development of education and science; to scholars and teachers throughout the centurial past of the National University of Uzbekistan and the great history of our country.

As long as there is not enough respect to teachers and mentors, there will neither be progress in society nor the prosperity of the nation.

Our honorable President said: “The destiny of our generation, the whole nation and the state depends on our dear teachers’’. Without any doubt, he meant not only teachers at schools but also more than 2500 professors and teachers in higher education.

We deeply recognize that having effective results of those reforms, those changes done in education system in near future depends on each of us.

The demand of the head of state is simple and precise “critical analyses, strict discipline and ultimate personal responsibility”. Therefore, if each of us complies with these instructions without any mistake in our work, we will have considerable results and our reputation will be long-lasting.

In order to prepare highly-qualified staff matching world standards with innovative and creative thinking and to bring up our youth in true patriotic spirit, firstly, we ourselves should be keen on using innovative ideas and technologies. We believe our professors and teachers will be role models in devotion to science and education, in loyalty to the motherland and national pride.

According to an ancient saying “The supreme joy for a master is the realization of the fact that his apprentice surpassed him”. So, let’s gift such cheer together and provide them with such intellectual and spiritual education so that everyone praises them expressing thankfulness to their masters whenever they see them.

I will congratulate all of you on “Teachers’ Day”.

I wish you strong health, success and also peace and goodness to your family.

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17650 Jami talabalar soni
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