The National University of Uzbekistan participates in the project DSinGIS: Doctoral Studies in Geoinformation Sciences in the framework of Erasmus+ Program. The main aim of the project is to support Uzbekistan in sustainable development by contribution of Geospatial Sciences (GISc).

One of the tasks of the project is to develop appropriate plan for efficient and low cost function of e-learning platform. Advanced IT network will be installed at each Uzbek partners, which handles a Learning management System. The centres will be equipped by GIS specific devices.

On October 23, 2019, the opening ceremony of this center took place at the National University of Uzbekistan. The meeting was attended by the Vice-Rector of the National University R. Shirinova, representative European partner universities, Dr. Lorant Foldvary from Obuda University (Project Coordinator, Hungary), Dr. Valeria Balazsik (Hungary),  Dr. Erika Blaschke and Dr. Sabine Hennig from University of Salzburg (Austria), national coordinator of the project I. Abdurakhmonov and project manager M. Reimov (TIIAME), professor E. Safarov and Associate professor Kh. Muborakov (NUU) and members of the project working group of NUU.

The IT platform will host 10 PhD level modules in Uzbek language and 8 modules in English.

The knowledge pool will be extended by the 52 scientific papers of three DSinGIS Regular Scientific Conferences.

The knowledge pool is open for submissions from all projects participants.

All learning materials will have joint ownership and these will be available to all the partners for implementing at the home institutions as well as to promote these among other relevant institutions.

The knowledge pool is available for free and opens access to benefit of the larger audiences.

Raima Shirinova

International relations department 
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