Inspector of the Interior Meets Future Leaders of the Media Industry

These days, a bright creative atmosphere reigns in the faculty of journalism of the National University of Uzbekistan. Daily meetings, round tables events with the participation of specialists from various fields, master classes and trainings by experienced practical editors reinforce students‘ passion for science and their dedication to the profession of journalist.

The next meeting was held with Bakhodir Kudratov, senior inspector of the Department for the Prevention of Violations of the Department of Internal Affairs 9 of the Almazar district of city of Tashkent. The inspector told students in detail about such global threats to humanity as arms and human trafficking with real examples as well as explained what position should be taken in the fight against destructive ideas and ideologies, how psychotropic drugs negatively affect people‘s health and what consequences entail, including the commission of serious criminal acts under the influence of such substances.

Moreover, the specialist dwelt in detail on topics such as the ethics of using the Internet, the essence of ideological protection against the trolling attack, which is currently turning into a new industry on the Internet and other electronic media.

During the meeting, students were shown a documentary film "Crime and Punishment", telling about the unfortunate fate of a 28-year-old young man who committed a crime.

A lot of questions from students who have grown into heated discussions indicate that this meeting helped to improve the ideological knowledge of young people and strengthen their moral immunity against strange ideas. It is worth noting that events and master classes of this kind should be systematically organized at each faculty of our university. After all, the desired stone is not heavy.

Ilkhom Khudoynazarov

Student of the faculty of journalism NUUz

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