Mamatkhon Sharipovich Sharipov, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Logic of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek, died at the age of 73. Ustoz Mamatkhon Sharipovich devoted his knowledge and experience and even his life to the development of philosophical science not only in our country, but also in Central Asia as a whole. Despite the fact that he was seriously ill in the last days of his life, he did not stop for a minute to share knowledge with students in order to raise their spiritual world.

Mamatkhon Sharipovich will be remembered not only as an experienced teacher, a brilliant scientist, professional organizer and leader, but also as a devoted and good-natured person.

For almost 45 years of scientific and pedagogical activity, Mamatkhon Sharipovich has prepared hundreds of bachelors and masters, dozens of candidates of sciences and PhD. Thanks to the fruitful work of ustoz in our country, dozens of professional specialists in the history of logic and philosophy have formed.

Ustoz worked diligently in areas such as logic, as well as dialectical logic and semantic logic, which are relatively complex areas, and published scientific articles in many local and international publications.

He has published several textbooks and study guides on the science of logic. He made a great contribution to the development of poorly studied areas in this country in this area.

The scientific and creative activity of ustoz was fruitful not only in the field of logic, but also in a number of philosophical fields, such as general issues of philosophy, history of philosophy, methods of cognition.

The fact that ustoz was one of the first in our country to publish a textbook on the philosophy of the ancient world, covering both the eastern and western parts, for students of the philosophical direction “History and Theory of Logic” (co-authored), shows that he worked diligently and last years.

Ustoz Mamatkhon Sharipovich, at the level of the Department of Philosophy and Logic, Faculty of Social Sciences, National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek, as well as throughout Uzbekistan and Central Asia, will be remembered as a great multifaceted philosopher, scientist, devoted and selfless teacher of the second half of the XX-XXI centuries, and most importantly, as a good person.


Sharipov Mamatkhon was born in 1947 in the village of Karachik, Turkestan district, Chimkent region. Nationality was Uzbek. From 1966 to 1971 he studied at the Faculty of Philosophy and Economics of Tashkent State University (now the National University of Uzbekistan). 1971-1974 - Postgraduate student, Moscow State University. Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor. Since 1975, he worked as a teacher, senior lecturer, assistant professor, head of the department “History of Philosophy and Logic” (now “Philosophy and Logic”) of the Philosophy Faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan. He was awarded the II degree diploma of the Iste‘dod Foundation for the textbook “Logic” (co-authored, 2004) for universities. The author of the textbook “Logic” (2012) for academic lyceums, two monographs, numerous scientific brochures and articles.

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