Respected colleagues, dear parents, students!

Today the situation is very dangerous and critical not only in our republic, but throughout the world.

We have made radical changes in the education system caused by the pandemic. The learning processes have switched to a remote system. Admission processes are also fully online. The Call Center systematically works at the universities of the country, including the National University of Uzbekistan. This is an effort to protect the population, colleagues, students and applicants during a pandemic and prevent disease.

Today in our country, especially in Tashkent, the fact that most of our actions do not fully comply with quarantine requirements and measures, first of all, poses a serious threat to the health of ourselves and our relatives.

Today, we need to be an example to others, living and organizing our work in a pandemic, self-isolating and acting in accordance with quarantine rules.

Yesterday, at a video conference on the situation with the pandemic, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev also raised this issue.

He emphasized the need for a radical change in the strategy and tactics of combating the pandemic.

We must also first and foremost adhere to quarantine rules to ensure the personal safety and safety of our relatives and encourage our colleagues to do the same. We should not be indifferent to the life and health of those around us, our colleagues, it is necessary to organize work remotely at faculties.

We also need to strengthen precautions to organize contact with our citizens visiting the National University of Uzbekistan, using special protective masks and disinfectants.

In addition, today it would be advisable for us to take the initiative both to provide moral support and to carry out explanatory work among the population on life and work activities in a pandemic. Because in such a state, no one should feel lonely, everyone must receive information and spiritual support that interests him.

Dear Colleagues!

Each of you is valuable to us. Take care of yourself and your relatives. Do not be indifferent to others! Together we will overcome this disease. You are not alone! Take care of yourself!

Rector of the National University of Uzbekistan

Professor Avazjon Marakhimov
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