Independent researcher Gulsanam Rahimova, head of the Department of Foreign Languages in Natural Sciences at the National University of Uzbekistan, won the competition announced by “El-yurt umidi” Foundation and is currently undergoing internship at Serge Pontuaz University, Versailles Academy in France.

In addition to her research work in the scientific laboratory, G.Rakhimova is engaged in establishing cooperation with universities in France. The Embassy of Uzbekistan in France accompanied by Mr. Salimov Sardor who is responsible for cultural relations, the director of the Sergio-Pontuac University of Versailles, the National Institute of Pedagogy and Education (INSPE – Instutut National Supérieur de Professorat et de l’Education) and head of the international relations Ms. Isabel Lerua, the employee of International Relations Officer Luke Dal‘Armelina. During the negotiations, the sides discussed proposals for student and teacher exchanges, joint writing of articles, holding international conferences and forums.

The head of the department of international relations, Ms IsabelLerua said that she would like to cooperate with universities, lyceums and colleges in Uzbekistan, expand French language teaching and send trainees to Uzbekistan.

At the end of the negotiations, they agreed to sign a Memorandum between the National University of Uzbekistan and the Academy of Versailles in the near future.

  Raima Shirinova

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