Rector‘s congratulations on Kurban Khait

Dear collective and students!

I sincerely congratulate You and the members of your family, our teachers, students and their parents on one of the greatest holidays of all Muslims - Kurban Khait.

May this holy day, which is dear to Muslims, promoting kindness, benevolence, humanism and tolerance, be blessed for all of us!

The months of the current year are months of patience and generosity. We ask the Creator on these great holidays so that the trials that humanity is going through end faster.

In these difficult days with our esteemed President, we, people of science, standing shoulder to shoulder, delving into the souls of people with our knowledge and work, uniting with our compatriots, without losing heart from today‘s trials, will overcome all difficulties. Every effort is being made to overcome this difficult situation, as well as to save the life and health of our people. Our people have gone through many trials. We will overcome this pandemic together as well.

Our main task today is to protect our health and the health of our relatives. In these days of testing, the best way to find out about the health of relatives, for the benefit of the health of our elderly people, patients, is by fully observing the rules of quarantine, to express your sincere relationships in the virtual world.

The respected staff of our university and its students are working with patience, adhering to the rules of strict discipline and quarantine in these difficult days that befell our people. I would like to take this opportunity to express my pride in working with such a collective.

Dear Colleagues!

I wish You strength, peace and good health to your families and relatives May our prayers be heard on the days of the great holiday. May the earth rest in peace teachers who have worked at our university for many years, who have made a great contribution to science, education and society. May Allah grant the sick a recovery.

With Kurban Khait!

                            Rector of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek,
professor Avazjon Marakhimov

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