The philosophy of the Turkic world is at the Online!

In today‘s pandemic, the work of scientists around the world has not stopped for a minute. Seminars, the round tables events, conferences continue online.

Studies on the integration of science, education and production, the exchange of views on news, discoveries and inventions in science, the systematic conduct of scientific processes in a new format are noteworthy. In this regard, scientists of the National University of Uzbekistan are implementing a number of projects.

In particular, yesterday an international scientific seminar was held on the topic “Issues of Teaching Philosophy of the Turkic World” in cooperation with the University of Uskudar (Turkey), the International Asian Philosophical Association, the National University of Uzbekistan, the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University. At the seminar, the head of the department of the National University of Uzbekistan, professor Nigina Shermukhamedova spoke about the "Development and prospects of the discipline of philosophy in Uzbekistan". She also proposed to prepare a multivolume international encyclopedia “The Philosophical Heritage of Turkic Peoples” and include the works of thinkers who lived and worked in all Turkic countries, create a database of modern representatives of philosophical science in the international encyclopedia “Philosophy of the Turkic World in the 21st Century”. The proposal was supported by the public.

Well-known scientists also made interesting presentations during the online conference.

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