A scholarship named after Erkin Vakhidov will be introduced at NUUz

Today,  an online creative dialogue on the work of the hero of Uzbekistan, the national poet of Uzbekistan Erkin Vakhidov was held at the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek.

To this day, weekly creative meetings held at the Literary Alley have changed their format due to quarantine. The scope of the organized online dialogue was broader than expected. Scientists from Turkey attended and made presentations.

Students from the  Boarding School named after Erkin Vakhidov in Margilan also attended the round table meeting. They participated with their own creative works.

In an online dialogue, Rector of the National University of Uzbekistan, professor Avazjon Marakhimov, professor of the Haji Bayram University in Ankara Vali Savashbey Yilok, poets, writers, literary scholars - Hamidulla Boltaboev, Nasimkhon Rakhmonov, director of the boarding school named after Erkin Vakhidov Nigora Mannopova and young creators exchanged views on the peculiarities of the poet’s work.

During the conversation, the rector of the NUUz, Professor Avazjon Marakhimov, noted that the poet’s work, regardless of age and profession, enriches spirituality, broadens the thinking of every person, gives joy and embodies the image of a perfect person. Avazjon Marakhimov:

“Erkin Vakhidov is a person who in practice has shown what the standard of Uzbek culture should be,” he said, adding that he was also a fan of the poet’s works and read a number of his poems.

At the same time, Avazjon Marakhimov said that in the coming days a scientific and educational center named after Erkin Vakhidov will be opened at NUUz. He noted that this magnificent, beautiful place needs perfect content, and it is the young creators who must make this sense and reveal its essence.

During the conversation, the rector also expressed a proposal and initiative to announce grants of the NUUz for studying works of Erkin Vahidov abroad, creating all conditions for young Turkish scientists wishing to study the poet’s works at the NUUz, opening a special fund for publishing translations of the works of Erkin Vahidov into other languages, collections young creators, continuing his traditions, holding international conferences on the study of the poet’s creativity with universities in Turkey and other countries.

It was also noted and given accurate data that students of the boarding school named after Erkin Vakhidov will be provided with benefits for studying at the National University, and the university will introduce special scholarships for them.

At the end of the event, it was noted that the online dialogue on the work of Erkin Vakhidov will be held every week and will be available to everyone.

                                                                             Information service of NUUz

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