Cultural and educational activities

The main criterion is the preparation of the target personnel

NUUz took another important step in the preparation of competitive, targeted personnel.

As it is well-known, students with deep knowledge of relevant areas have been selected from all educational institutions of the country to participate in the Republican subject Olympiad. They are taking part in the final stage. By the initiative of the NUUz meetings were organized between the participants of the Olympiad and leadership of the NUUz, leading scholars, and active students. The goal of the dialogue is to attract young and talented students to the NUUz, give them the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in their fields and become successful, competitive personnel in the future.

They also exchanged information on functioning scientific and mastery schools, life of students, opportunities and plans as well as cooperation. In addition, olympiadists received the necessary data on the process of applying the documents for education at the National University of Uzbekistan and the existing opportunities in this university in areas of interest. The participants of Olympiad and their parents were invited to the faculties of NUUz. They were introduced to life of university, opportunities created for young people. Moreover, intensive conversations with experienced scientists were organized. The youth was also provided with information on today‘s innovations in science and plans for the future.

The selection of talented and inquisitive young people, raising them as competitive, patriotic, mature employees is the main criterion of this university.

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Basic Indicators
1200 -
10500 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
45 Talim yonalishlari