The head of the UNICEF Children‘s Foundation Sasha Graumann visited the National University of Uzbekistan in connection with the completion of the training conducted by experts at Columbia University (USA), prof. Timati Hunt and Lyudmila Kim. in the framework of the UNICEF project and the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek, Improving the training of personnel in the field of social work based on international standards. The participants of the training were awarded certificates of international standard.

The head of the UNICEF office in Uzbekistan, Sasha Graumann, said: The professional activities of social workers contribute to social change, solve problems of human relationships, help strengthen the ability of people to function in society in order to increase their level of well-being. I am confident that our partnership, with the assistance of one of the world‘s most famous social work schools, Columbia University, has made a huge contribution to the quality of education and the practice of social work in Uzbekistan. This will help give this profession the status of an integral part of the social protection system. UNICEF works with the government and academia to promote and strengthen the social work profession, as well as develop social work courses. Trained professionals will be able to understand situations that put children at risk and work on individual cases where additional support is needed.

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