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Department of audiovisual and internet journalism

Based on the order of the Rector of UzMU dated February 3, 2023 No. 01-26, the Department of "Audiovisual and Internet Journalism" was established. Nowadays, it is important to train universal journalists who can simultaneously write news, acquire the skills of interviewing, taking photos and videos, and prepare materials for the Internet. Television and radio are the main core of the mass media and are considered the mass media with the largest audience in the conditions of Uzbekistan. Therefore, one of the important tasks of this department is to supply personnel with competences who can work in this field.
Until now, in accordance with the Annex 2 of the decision "On measures to support mass media and the development of the field of journalism", the "Television and radio" department has been established at UzMTRK in cooperation with the faculty. Professors-teachers of the department have also published several training manuals in cooperation with international organizations. Including "Audiovisual journalism", "Economic journalism", "Covering conflict situations in online journalism".
On the initiative of the "Audiovisual and Internet Journalism" department, the "Media focus" project was launched in March 2023 for the students of the Faculty of Journalism and the students of the school of amateur journalists opened under the faculty. The goal of the project is to motivate future journalists by sharing the experience and knowledge of industry leaders.
The following professors work in the department.

  1. Zohitova N. PhD (head of the department)
  2. Ibragimov Sh. f.f.n. associate professor
  3. Mamatova Ya.M. f.f.d. prof. etc.
  4. Kasimov Sh.
  5. Abdullayeva Z
  6. Aminova A.
  7. Miralimov Sh. Ph.D. associate professor
  8. Mirsoatova M.S. f.f.n. associate professor
  9. Abdusagatova F.
  10. Dadakhan Yakubov - professor