The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is the first and leading higher education institution not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia: 15 faculties, 80 chairs, 16 joint education programs, The number of graduates is 200,000+

Bitlis Eren university

On April 13, 2022, at the initiative of the Department of "Ethics and Aesthetics" of the Faculty of Social Sciences of UzMU, the 3rd year students of the Faculty of Taekwondo and Sports Activities were presented by Fatih Hazar, Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Bitlis Eren University of Turkey (PhD), on Sports Aesthetics and Recreation , gave a lecture on the topics of healthy lifestyle.

 The faculty of Taekwondo and sports activities talked to students of the world and national champions of Taekwondo (WTF) Aziz Sobitov, Aziz Umarov, Begzod Ergashev, Abbas Kushbokov, Aziza Hasanova and Aziza Mustafayeva and got answers to their questions.

We would like to thank Professor Z. Rahmankulova, Head of the Department of Archival Studies, Faculty of History, for his practical help in translating Maruzi from Turkish to Uzbek.