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Department interfaculty of the Russian language

Isakova Ravshana Karimjanovna - Head of department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Friday, 14:00 – 17:00

+998 97-728-77-14


Currently, the department is headed by Isakova Ravshana Karimjanovna.Currently there are 3 associate professors, 11 senior teachers and 7 teachers at the department.

Taking into account the specifics of the interfaculty department Isakova R.K. conducts a lot of scientific and methodological work on the introduction of innovative and information and computer technologies in the process of teaching Russian language in groups with the Uzbek language of instruction.

She has published about 90 works, which includes: textbooks, teaching aids, methodic aids, educational and methodological complexes, articles, abstracts. She actively participates in scientific seminars, master classes, conferences. She has repeatedly represented the Russian studies of Uzbekistan at international forums of the Russian Federation.

She is the author of the first electronic textbook with all types of multimedia "Russian language (for self-education)" (2019), the textbook "Russian language (professional speech)" (2021), "Textbook on Russian language. Specialty language (for students of the Faculty of Geology and geographic information systems) (2021)”, co-author of the “Russian for the CIS countries” textbook (2010), co-author of the Catalog “Holy places and places of pilgrimage in Uzbekistan” (2019), co-author and editor of the new generation textbook “Russian language (part-1) using innovative technologies” (2019), (2020), the author of many methodological manuals.

She has international Master-class certificates. She is the member of the Council of the RCE under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Participant of scientific grants on the most urgent topics: "Development of a mechanism for integrating university science into the innovation system of the Republic" (2018); Catalog of innovative opportunities for the popularization of historical monuments "(2019); "Creation of an interactive online platform "National Mathematics "(2020)". Over the past years (2017, 2019, 2020), the author of the model program "Russian language" (for all areas of bachelor's degree), which is supported by the universities of the Republic. She constantly works on improing the scientific and methodological level (over the past 5 years, more than 30 certificates).

She has 4 copyright certificates for an intellectual product. Winner of "The best scientific article of 2021" competition - 1st place (Penza, RF), in October 2021, the winner of the competition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan, in the nomination "Best electronic resource" -1st place (NUUz).

Under her leadership, the close international relations realizes with universities of  Russian Federation and other CIS countries (MSU, SPGU, KFU, BSU, OGPU, TSU, PSU, etc.). as a result,  Lomonosov Moscow State University conducted a course of practical training on RFL with students of the FZF NUUz. Teachers of the Department conduct practical lessons on RFL for students from the Central Asian region.


The Interfaculty Department of the Russian Language has a rich history. It was founded in 1951 and is associated with the name of a prominent scientist-methodologist, doctor of pedagogical sciences, academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Uzbekistan Atakuzi Azizovich Azizov. A.A. Azizov is the first head of the Department.

The development of linguistic science in the Republic is inextricably linked with his name. His name is known not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders. He made a significant contribution to bringing people and cultures closer together on the basis of linguistic understanding.

He is the author of over two hundred studies: textbooks, dictionaries, methodological guidelines, monographs. He prepared a whole galaxy of students, now prominent figures in science.

Thanks to the system of teaching the Russian language developed by him in national schools, thousands of young men and women have mastered the language of interethnic communication and have become familiar with the treasures of Russian and world culture.

Over the years, the Department was headed by: Prof. Amirov G.S., Prof. Zinin S.I., Prof. Nechaeva A.I., Associate Professor Sadullaev D.S., Assoc. Bashatova N.A., Associate Professor Gurtueva E.M. Since 2007, the interfaculty department of the Russian language is headed by Assoc. Isakova R.K. The Department fulfills its educational mission with dignity.

A great methodological legacy was left by remarkable methodologists who devoted many years of their life and creative work to serving their cause: prof. Amirov G.S., prof. Zinin S.I., prof. A.I. Nechaeva, prof. Mikheeva T.B., Assoc. Bashatova N.A., Assoc. Sadullaev D.S., Associate Professor Kamildzhanova L.A., associate professor Panina I.M., associate professor Zakharov, associate professor Khaldarova S.M., senior teachers NagornovaYu.S., Korovina K.D., Guralskaya I M., Fayzieva M.N., Ganieva S.A., Davydenko L.I., Ostankova I.F., Grishanova N.N. and etc.

From the 90s (since the Republic of Uzbekistan became independent), at the interfaculty department of the Russian language Assoc. Tursunova I.M., Rakhimova A.I., Kalinina O.N., Ten S.K., Begmatova N.A., Otazhonova F.Sh., Yadgarova G.I., Shakarova F.D. work and continue to make a great contribution to the development of methods of teaching the Russian language in Uzbek groups of universities of the Republic, using the high educational potential of the subject in the formation of an intellectually and spiritually rich personality of students.


The activities of the interfaculty department of the Russian language on personnel training are carried out at all faculties on the basis of the unity of educational (development of intellectual abilities, fundamental and applied knowledge and skills), educational (formation of a highly spiritual personality) and research (formation of scientific competencies) processes.

Teaching the Russian language, according to the curriculum, is carried out with first-year students in all areas of the undergraduate program. From year to year, the interdisciplinary connections of the professors and teachers of the department with the leading departments of the faculties are strengthening, which makes it possible for students to master the language of their specialty.

The staff of the interfaculty department of the Russian language, at every step, feels the support of the state. The administration is doing everything possible to implement the tasks that the President sets for us.

Each of us today deeply realizes the essence of the majestic goal, understands the significance of such a noble intention - the training of highly qualified specialists, and in our work tries to justify the high destiny of a language teacher.

We especially feel the demand for our profession in the 21st century - the century of information, innovation, and the rapid development of new technologies.

Linguistic guess at the level of situational models, analysis of syntactic constructions, recognition of international vocabulary and text compilation by analogy, the development of spontaneous response skills in the process of communication, the formation of psychological readiness for real communication in various situations - in this we see our task. This determines the development strategy of our Department.

The work of the Department is based on the principle of using the spiritual and educational potential of the subject: involving students in a collective form of creativity in extracurricular work, visiting Russian drama theaters, exhibitions, museums; participation in readers' conferences dedicated to the great Russian and Uzbek poets, writers, creative meetings with figures of science, culture and art.

The department has special courses for gifted students: "Computer linguistics and machine translation" (for students of the Faculty of Mathematics); "Oratory" (for students of the faculty of foreign and Uzbek philology); "The Language of the Media and the Internet" (Faculty of Journalism), "International Business Etiquette and Protocol" (Economics and the Faculty of Social Sciences). All this is aimed at teaching and fostering in students the spirit of national identity, patriotism, civic consciousness, respect for the culture and traditions of the country of the target language.

Traditionally, holidays of the Russian language are held at all faculties of NUUz, where students clearly show their individuality and creativity. A great role is assigned to work on the military-patriotic education of students. It has become a tradition for the Department to conduct joint scientific and practical conferences with the Military - Technical Institute of the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


1Isakova Ravshana Karimjanovna  Head of the Department, docentЕ-mail:
2Axmedova Muqaddas Xadimetovnap.f.n. dotsentЕ-mail:
3Proxorova Lyudmila Lvovnap.f.n. dotsentЕ-mail:
4Tursunova Inobat MirkomilovnaSenior teacherE-mail:
5Rahimova Alla InnokentyevnaSenior teacherE-mail:
6Ten Svetlana KonstantinovnaSenior teacherE-mail:
7Kalinina Olga NikolaevnaSenior teacherE-mail: helencosmo@gmail. Ru
8Shakarova Feruza DolievnaSenior teacherE-mail:
9Yadgarova Guzal IsanboevnaSenior teacherE-mail:
10Otajanova Firuza ShavkatovnaSenior teacherE-mail:
11Begmatova Navruza HamidovnaSenior teacherE-mail:
12Yuldasheva Farogat TuraqulovnaSenior teacherE-mail:  
13Haitboeva Naima XabibullaevnaSenior teacherE-mail:  
14Xosilova Farida RustamovnaSenior
15Xashimova Feruza
16Abdusalamova Fotima AbdugafurovnateacherЕ
17Bazarova Shohida
18Mirahmedova Iroda AnvarovnateacherЕ
19Hasanova Parizod Rafikovnateacher 
20Axmedjanova Olga SergeevnateacherЕ
21Mirzarakhimova Komola


Today, the Department includes, along with teachers with extensive experience, young teachers-trainees who begin their career after graduating from the magistracy. Scientific research is carried out in the field of teaching methods of the Russian language in a foreign language audience.

Continuing the tradition, the Department is improving the scientific theme: "Linguodidactic foundations of teaching Russian as a foreign language in modern conditions", "Implementation of innovative and computer technologies in teaching Russian in groups with Uzbek language of instruction."

To this date, the topics of dissertation research have been approved by the senior teachers of the Department: Shakarova F.D., Khaitbaeva N.Kh, Khosilova F.R., Yuldasheva F.T.

Free applicant Haitbaeva N. Kh. approved the theme “The evolution of the translation school of Uzbekistan in the 20th century”, scientific supervisor – Prof. Kamilova S.E.(NUUz).

Free applicant Shakarova F.D. is successfully working on the topic "The method of projects as a technology of a personality-oriented approach". Scientific supervisor - Ph.D., associate dots. Akhmedova M.Kh. (NUUz).

Free applicant Yuldasheva F.T. began to work on the topic "Pedagogical mechanisms for the development of grammatical competencies among students of higher educational institutions". Supervisor - Doctor of Pedagogy, Prof. Abdullaeva B.S.(TSPU named after Nizami).

Freelance applicant Khosilova FR is dealing with the topic "Development of professional speech through ICT of students-philologists" (head - Ph.D., associate, Akhmedova M.Kh. (NUUz)).


International relations with universities of the near and far abroad countries are being strengthened: Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov (Moscow), St. Petersburg State University, Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture (St. Petersburg), Beijing State University (PRC), RUDN (Moscow), GIRYAP (Moscow), OGPU (Kyrgyzstan), BSU (Bashkortostan), KNU, Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (RF), International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University, etc.

Together with the universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, holidays of the Russian and Uzbek languages ​​are traditionally held, in which Russian scholars and Turkologists from the countries of near and far abroad take part. For many years, the Department has been taking part in scientific and practical seminars and webinars, exhibitions of new educational literature, meetings with scientists and cultural figures of the Russian Federation. Teachers of the Department improve their qualifications at the Center for Science and Culture "Rossotrudnichestvo" in the Republic of Uzbekistan at the Embassy of the Russian Federation; RCC in Tashkent.


“The modern ethnome world. New horizons"(Russia-Uzbekistan).

On November 25, 2021, at the MirzoUlugbek NUUz, a round table meeting was held between the teachers of the Interfaculty Department of the Russian language with the participants of the expedition of the ethnocultural marathon “Modern Ethnomir. New horizons" (Russia-Uzbekistan). The meeting took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The delegation includes: I. V. Pantyushov - project manager, chairman of the Penza regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society, Ilyina O.M. - Director of the Penza Regional Fund for Scientific and Technical Development, Tkachev O. G. - Penza State University, Chairman of the Media Council, journalist, A. V. Kurnosov, E. V. Piskunova - researchers, Andreeva N. A., Generalov V. P. - Indie folk group "Marivanna", Stailskaya T. N. and Stailsky S. S. - represented the Ethno-ensemble "Two Wings".

The guests were greeted by the Vice-Rector for International Relations of the NUUz Prof. Shirinova R.Kh., the Dean of the FZF Zhuraeva I.A. The moderator of the meeting is Isakova R.K. Participants: teachers of the Russian language, masters of the Department of Russian Philology of the Federal Law Fund and the Faculty of Geography of the NUUz.

The round table meeting became a platform where colleagues shared their accumulated experience, new thoughts, ideas aimed at strengthening international relations, at fruitful cooperation between the interfaculty department of the Russian language of NUUz and the department of Russian language studies at Penza State University.

In order to support, develop and promote the Russian language and Russian culture Russian specialists of the University and representatives of the expedition - the ethnocultural marathon “Modern Ethnomir. New Horizons" have joined their efforts.

During the meeting, the participants exchanged memorable gifts and even sang heartfelt Russian songs.

International round table "Russian language as a factor in the development of Russian-Uzbek dialogue."

On November 29, 2021, together with the National University of Uzbekistan, Tomsk State University and the Siberian-Eurasian Expert Club, an international round table "Russian language as a factor in the development of Russian-Uzbek dialogue" was held.

The event was covered by the media. The event was attended by representatives from the Uzbekistan State University of World Languages, the Nizami Tashkent State Pedagogical University, the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers and the Chirchik State Pedagogical Institute.

At the round table, the parties discussed a number of important issues. S.M. Yun, Dean of the Philological Faculty of Tomsk State University, D.A. Olitskaya, Associate Professor of Tomsk State University, spoke about the current state of teaching the Russian language in Russia, shared innovative methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

The parties exchanged views on new prospects for cooperation. Issues such as the state of teaching the Russian language in Uzbekistan, the possibility of creating new joint textbooks and multimedia manuals were discussed.


In recent years, the teachers of the department have published more than 100 scientific articles, including in the journals of the SCOPUS and VEB OF SINE databases, in various foreign publications, as well as articles in the collections of international conferences.

The teachers of the department are constantly working to improve their professional level, taking part in republican and international scientific seminars, webinars, videoconferences with colleagues, leading linguistic scientists of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Cooperation in the field of innovations is one of the most important elements of the activities of the interfaculty department of the Russian language. The department constantly conducts, together with students, charitable actions "Do Good": they provide humanitarian assistance to victims of natural disasters, "You and I Sardoba", Boarding Home No. 100 for children with disabilities, visit Orphanages and Homes of war and labor veterans, etc. All this fosters humanity in our students, compassion for others, kindness and high spirituality.