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Hofstra University

Meeting with a professor from a US university at the National University of Uzbekistan

At the National University of Uzbekistan, a meeting was organized with Dr. Elyor Karimov, a professor from Hofstra University in the USA, a Doctor of Historical Sciences, an expert of UNESCO's "Memory of the World" program for preserving the world's documentary heritage, an orientalist scholar, and an alumnus of the National University of Uzbekistan.

This roundtable discussion, initiated by the Department of Philosophy and Logic of the Faculty of Social Sciences, focused on the life path of Professor Elyor Karimov, his ancestral history, the contributions of professors Olim Sharafuddinov and Erik Karimov to the research of Uzbek Jadidism, and the efforts of Uzbek scholars in the field of post-Jadidism studies.

The meeting was attended by professors, instructors of the Faculty of Social Sciences, doctoral students, master's students, and young students.