The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is the first and leading higher education institution not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia: 15 faculties, 80 chairs, 16 joint education programs, The number of graduates is 200,000+

Scientific schools

The scientific schools established at the National University of Uzbekistan contribute to the development of specific scientific fields and contribute to the development of science and education in the republic. 

Т.рThe name of the scientific schoolFounder
1.       Probability Theory and Mathematical Statisticsacademician Sirozhiddinov Sadi Khasanovich
2.       Scientific School of Functional Analysisacademician Sarimsokov Toshmuammad Alievich
3.       Scientific School of Mechanicsprofessor M. F. Shulgin
4.       Scientific school of differential equationsacademicians М.S.Salakhiddinovи T.Dj.Djuraev
5.       Scientific school of the spectral theory of differential operatorsacademician Sh.O.Alimov
6.       Complex analysis and theory of pluripotentialsacademician A.Sadullaev
7.       Scientific school of management and the theory of differential gamesacademician N.Y.Satimov
8.       Scientific School of Weather forecastersprofessorsB.A. Giorgio and V.A. Bugaev
9.       Science School of Physicsacademician М.М.Musakhanov
10.   The scientific school of nuclear physics and cosmic raysacademician S.A.Azimov
11.   Scientific School of Optics and Spectroscopyacademician P.K.Khabibullaev
12.   Scientific School of Physics of Alloyed Siliconprofessor А.Т.Teshaboev
13.   Scientific School of Organic Semiconductor Physicsprofessor М.А. Magrupov
14.   School of Quantum Radiophysicsprofessor А.Т.Mirzaev
15.   Scientific School of Nonlinear Astrophysics and Cosmogonyprofessor S.Kh. Nuritdinov
16.   Scientific school of natural compounds and biorganic chemistryacademician О.S.Sodikov
17.   Scientific School of Chemistry of High Molecular Compoundsacademician Kh.U.Usmonov
18.   Scientific School of Colloid Chemistryacademician K.S.Akhmedov
19.   Scientific School of Analytical Chemistryacademician Sh.Т.Tolipov
20.   Scientific School of Chemistry of Coordination Compoundsacademician Kh.А.Parpiev
21.   Scientific School of Macrocycle Chemistryprofessor А.K.Toshmukhamedova
22.   Scientific School of Vertebrate Zoologyacademician Т.Z.Zokhidov
23.   School of Biochemistryacademician Y.X.Turakulov
24.   Wheat Genetics Schoolacademician Dj.А. Musaev
25.   School of Biophysicsacademician B.O. Toshmukhamedov
26.   Scientific School of Genetic Mineralogy and Geochemistryacademician A.S.Uklonsky
27.   Scientific school of lithology and formationsAcademician B.I. Popov
28.   Scientific School of Hydrogeology of Uzbekistanprofessor O.K.Lange
29.   School of Magmatism and Geodynamics-Petrologyacademician Kh.M.Abdullaev
30.   Scientific School of Micro and Nanomineology of Uzbekistanprofessor R.I.Koneev
31.   Scientific school of natural geography and landscape scienceprofessor L.N. Babushkin
32.   Scientific School of Social and Economic Geography of Uzbekistanprofessor Z.M. Akramov
33.   Scientific school of hydrogeology of the Tashkent mountain areasprofessor V.L.Shults
34.   Scientific School of Uzbek Literary Criticismprofessor О.О.Sharafiddinov
35.   Scientific School of Uzbek Linguisticsprofessor А.Gulomov
36.   Scientific School for the Study of Uzbek Classical Literatureprofessor G.Karimov
37.   School of Jadidism and Jadid Literatureprofessor B.Kosimov
38.   Scientific School of Archeology of Central Asiaacademician М.Masson
39.   The scientific school of international relations and toleranceprofessor R.Kh.Murtazaeva
40.   Scientific School of Philosophy of Cultureprofessor А.Ayupov
41.   Scientific school of psychology of management and cooperationprofessor E.Goziev
42.   Scientific School of Translation of the Uzbek Languageprofessor G.Salomov