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INALCO University of Linguistics and Civilization

Representatives of the French INALCO University of Linguistics and Civilization are at NUUz

On March 13, 2023, Julien Vercueil, the vice-president for environmental protection of the French INALCO University of Linguistics and Civilization, and Gilles Forlot, the vice-president for European and international affairs, visited the National University of Uzbekistan.

They were welcomed by NUUz vice-rector for international relations Raima Shirinova, as well as professors and teachers of the faculty of Uzbek philology and foreign philology.

During the meeting, the representatives of INALCO introduced the activities of the university in detail, in particular, they acknowledged that the university teaches more than 100 eastern languages, and students study in fields such as sociology and international economics. Mr. Gilles Forlot said that, taking into account the large number of students studying Turkish languages at INALCO and the high level of interest, the project of establishing an Uzbek language teaching center at the university is being developed, and of course, Uzbek philology from the National University of Uzbekistan will be involved in the activities of this center. emphasized that they are happy to attract their specialists and invited specialists and students of NUUz to the summer school organized within the framework of the program "Along the Silk Road".

Also, during the meeting, students who study Turkish and Russian as part of academic mobility between the parties can study at NUz for 1 semester.

At the same time, issues such as the implementation of cooperation between the two universities in other areas, the creation of Uzbek-French translation dictionaries, and the involvement of French language experts were discussed in detail. At the end of the meeting, promising directions of cooperation between the two universities were determined.