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Internet space as a challenge to the scientific community in the XXI century

The Republican scientific and practical conference on the current topic «Internet space as a challenge to the scientific community in the XXI century» was held in the format of the Zoom conference, organized on the basis of the Department of Russian Literary Studies of the Faculty of Foreign Philology of the NUUz named after Mirzo Ulugbek. More than 50 scientists from leading universities of Uzbekistan and the CIS countries took part in it.

The conference was opened by the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation of NUUz Hikmat Saburov. He noted in his welcoming speech to the guests and participants of the conference: «The Internet today is the center of society. The questions that were included in the conference program will help solve a number of problems related to the Internet space and its impact on modern society. Having developed approaches to the development of Internet resources, we will be able to raise the educational process of the university, as well as the scientific activity of teachers and gifted students to a new level of development».

At the plenary session with a welcoming speech to the guests and participants of the event, the head of the Representative Office of Russian Cooperation in the Republic of Uzbekistan M.V. Vajdaev, Chairman of the Russian Cultural Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan S. A. Mironov, head of the department of UzSUWL N. M. Petrukhina, head of the department of TSPU Yu. U. Matenova, professors of NUUz, etc. Professors of Uzbekistan and Russia made reports. A number of important issues on the use of Internet resources in the system of science and education were raised, the objective situation was shown, the positive and negative aspects of the interaction process were noted in the presentations of Uzbek researchers.

An information project «Internet space through the eyes of young scientists of Uzbekistan» was presented in the final part of the plenary session of the conference, in which young researchers from the Department of Russian Literary Studies of NUUz took part.

The conference was held within the framework of three breakout sessions.

The guests and participants of the conference were presented with Certificates. Based on the results of the work, a collection of conference materials will be published, reflecting the entire range of issues raised in the plenary and breakout sessions.