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Anti-Corruption Compliance Monitoring Management Division

G‘ulomov Shohnazar - Head of department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Saturday, 14:00 – 17:00

+998 91 191-88-00

e-mail: Sh.gulomov@listru

Telegramdagi bot manzil: @Antikor-NUU.UZ  

Anti-Corruption Compliance Monitoring Management Division will:

  • the university has control over compliance with anti-corruption laws and legislative acts, as well as decisions and orders of the Ministry's Board;
  • the law on corruption develops measures and work plans aimed at preventing violations, ensures their full, qualitative and timely implementation, studies the conduct of the implementation of the prescribed measures, prepares the data on the results;
  • carries out the project” non-corruption sphere " at the University;

develops projects of internal documents aimed at implementing anti-corruption -            - measures at the University and submits them to the rector for approval;

  • develops proposals to eliminate the corruption norms identified in the internal documents of the University;
  • evaluates corruption risks at the University and develops plans for measures to reduce them;
  • the University's professors, teachers, Management, Technical, Service and teaching-support personnel in the behavior of corruption risks and violations arising from the appeals and anonymous messages review and take measures in accordance with the established procedure;
  • the university maintains a register of Service checks on corruption cases;
  • participates in the analysis of conflicts of interest in the implementation of Public Procurement and verification of the reliability of counterparties;
  • universiet conducts monitoring of conflict of interest among employees and makes appropriate proposals;
  • regularly organizes profilactic conversations between professors and teachers of the university, management, technical, service, teaching and auxiliary staff;
  • conducts surveys among professors, teachers, management, technical, service, teaching and auxiliary staff, students (undergraduates, doctoral students, independent researchers) and the population in order to identify corruption cases in the University's activities;
  • on the basis of surveys, social and other studies, the fight against corruption regularly evaluates the results and impact of measures for promotion and uses the results of assessments in determining further measures;
  • organizes conferences, meetings, seminars, competitions aimed at combating corruption among professors, teachers, students;
  • evaluates the effectiveness of measures taken in the field of combating corruption at the University;
  • the university studies the conditions and causes of corruption offences, as well as develops proposals for their elimination;
  • ensures that the information in the” fight against corruption " section is regularly updated on the official website of the University;
  • reports to the rector about the work carried out in the fight against corruption, as well as the corruption situation in the university, as well as to the Department of Control and anti-corruption of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education;
  • The complementary control and anti-corruption Department of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education, as well as other state bodies and organizations carrying out anti-corruption activities, will establish effective cooperation with parents in the field of combating corruption;
  • establishes control over the activities of the academic Lyceum under the University in the fight against corruption;
  • the University monitors the work carried out against corruption, introduces analytical materials to the management and the ministry.