The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is 105 years old!


The role and importance of the Mahalla Institute, which is considered as the most important basics of society here, in Uzbekistan, is growing in the consistent implementation of the goals and objectives set for us to develop country steadily, improve the well-being of people, ensure that citizens are satisfied with the quality of life and live a decent life with firm confidence for tomorrow.

The Mahalla is unique social structure specific to Uzbekistan. It helps to create the atmosphere of peace, harmony, mutual respect, kindness and harmony in society, preserving national traditions and values, ensuring the unity of families, raising a healthy and harmonious generation, solving the daily problems of the population.

According to instructions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the implementation of the “mahallabay” system of work and instructions of the Prime Minister and head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan  significant work has been carried out by the team of the National University of Uzbekistan in the “M.Ashrafiy” mahalla within the framework of the “mahallabay” system since February 10 of present year.

In particular, over the past time, a working group consisting of the University's vice-rectors for Youth Affairs, Finance and economics, deputy deans for Youth Affairs, professors and young researchers conducted sociological conversations with 1,648 citizens in a total of 390 apartments by walking home. Also, 88 problematic cases identified by walking from house to house were resolved in their own place.

Improvement work was carried out at a distance of 3 km along M.Ashrafiy Major Road and additional processing of 60 bushes of trees was carried out. Also, 12 practicing psychologists, consisting of University psychologists, conducted individual psychological conversations with 57 citizens (prone to stress and aggression, have family conflicts, have disabilities, unorganized youth).

12 types of food products were distributed as social assistance to families with a desire for 10 Social Protection. The office building of M.Ashrafiy mahalla was completely renovated, 1 Foreign Language Teaching circle was established, the room was equipped with furniture, 500 pieces of art and scientific literature were presented by the University.

The university also established science circles for the youth of the neighborhood and established a system of teaching Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and a foreign languages.

In particular, on the basis of the large-scale transformations carried out in our country, such noble qualities as creativity, striving for innovation are embodied, which correspond to the nature of our people and are deeply embedded in their minds, hearts and minds, which are inextricably linked with spring, the holiday of Navruz, as an integral and integral part of nature. And these national traditions characteristic of our people have been formed and strengthened in our neighborhoods with a thousand-year history. Regarding to it, the efforts of the University team on the path of noble virtue will continue.

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