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Department of macroeconomics

Vakhabov Abdurakhim Vasikovich - Head of department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Friday, 14:00 – 17:00

+998 98 360-33-30


History and activities of the department

The Department of Macroeconomics (formerly International Economic Relations) was founded in 1996 on the basis of the Department of Economic Theory of the Faculties of Natural Sciences of the University. From 1996 to 2009, the department trained bachelors in the field of world economy and international economic relations and masters in international economic relations, economics of foreign countries. In 2010, the department was renamed into the department "Macroeconomics" in connection with the beginning of the training of masters in the specialty of macroeconomics. Since the 2010-2011 academic year, the department has been training bachelors in the direction of social work (pension provision) and masters in the specialty  social work (pension provision). Head of the Department of Macroeconomics since 1996, Doctor of Economics, Professor Abdurahim Vasikovich Vakhabov.

Subjects taught at the department

Subject nameBrief information about the subject
1Accoun-ting and auditingTheoretical foundations of economic knowledge, objects of accounting and auditing, economic resources and sources of their origin, establishment of mutual settlements between enterprises, reduction of accounts receivable and accounts payable, types and forms of audit, formation of complete and reliable information about the financial activities of enterprises, to present, to teach him the regulatory framework and to form the ability to apply them in practice
2Statisticsformation of deep professional knowledge and necessary pedagogical skills in the field of methodology and practice of statistics
3Microeco-nomics and macroeco-nomicsteaching the theoretical foundations of economic knowledge, basic concepts and categories of economics, economic laws and principles and developing the ability to apply them in practice
4World economy and interna tional economic relationsProvision of theoretical and practical know-ledge of the world economy and inter-national economic relations, formation of knowledge, skills and abilities in accordance with the profile of the direction for in-depth analysis of the patterns of development of the world economy and international economic relations.
5Labor economylegislation in the field of labor relations, including the essence of the category of labor, specific forms of labor processes, the effectiveness of labor market development and its mechanism, theoretical and practical aspects of employment, labor organization, wages, labor productivity, to teach a number of issues related to labor productivity, standard of living and income, labor migration and develop the ability to apply it in practice
6Money and banksto provide deep theoretical and practical knowledge about the necessity, the essence of money, theory and monetary circulation, credit and credit relations, banks and the banking system, the organization of international currency movement
7Human develop-mentTeaching theoretical and practical aspects of human development and living standards in Uzbekistan and in the world.
8Global economic develop-mentProviding a number of theoretical knowledge about the content, main directions, socio-economic consequences of modern concepts and ideas, etc.
9Intro-duction to social security and social policyImprovement of the mechanism of implementation of the state social policy, consistent improvement of the level and quality of life, training in the essence of the system of measures aimed at supporting socially vulnerable segments of the population.
10The economics of the social spheretraining in the theoretical foundations of social economics, laws, principles and categories of development and the formation of skills to apply the knowledge gained in practice
11Funda-mentals of sustainable develop-ment and green economytheoretical knowledge, practical skills, methodological approach to the green economy and the formation of a scientific worldview, knowledge of the content of laws and categories, the role and significance of a person in life through the formation of a personal attitude to them
12Money, credit and bankingto provide deep theoretical and practical knowledge about the necessity, the essence of money, theory and monetary circulation, credit and credit relations, banks and the banking system, the organization of international currency movement
13FinanceExpansion and deepening of theoretical and practical knowledge about the financial system, corporate finance, public finance, the budget process in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the execution of the state budget, the formation of skills to improve the efficiency of budget execution in the financial system, including financing; 
14Foreign experience of pension system develop-mentThe emergence and stages of development of pension systems, models of reforming pension systems in the world, the formation of systemic, comprehensive knowledge, economic views and skills for the formation and development of the pension system in Uzbekistan. 
15State pension provision and calcu-lation of pensionsto provide theoretical knowledge about state pension provision, to form professional knowledge and necessary skills in them to learn from world experience and the role of institutional reforms in this area in the management of the pension system 
16Accumu-lative pension provisionto provide theoretical knowledge about accumulative pension provision and activation of the investment process, to form comprehensive knowledge and practical skills about the benefits of accumulative pension provision and management and to improve the activation of the investment process 
17Poverty and ways to reduce itformation of a system complex of knowledge, economic outlook and skills about the concept of poverty, its causes, the need to strengthen the targeted social protection system in reducing poverty, the essence and mechanism of implementation 
18Social insuranceto study the theoretical and practical foundations of social insurance in a market economy based on world experience 

Information about the scientific school created at the department

The scientific school "Modernization of the national economy and improvement of the conceptual foundations of sustainable economic growth" was created at the department under the leadership of the famous scientist, Doctor of Economics. prof. A.V. Vakhabov. 33 doctors and candidates of economic sciences, including citizens of the Republic of Korea, China, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, have successfully defended their dissertations.

Researchers who defended their dissertations at the department

Full name of the researcherThe topic of the dissertation work
Ким Се Гон (Citizen of the Republic of Korea), PhD, 2000 year Reproduction of gross domestic product in the countries of Central Asia in the context of the transition to a market economy
Муминов Нозим Гаффорович, PhD, 2001 йилStructural changes in the economy of Uzbekistan during the formation of market relations
Долимов Равшан Тўрабекович, PhD, 2002 year World experience in reforming the pension system and its application in a transitional economy
Ахмедов Бехзод Боходирович, PhD, 2002 year Cash income and expenses of the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the conditions of a transitional economy
Бахар Буртан Доган (Citizen of Turkey), PhD, 2005 year Бозор иқтисодиётига ўтиш даврида Ўзбекистон-Туркия иқтисодий муносабатларининг ривожланиши
Мирзаев Шакир Арипович, PhD, 2006 year Ways to Strengthen the Targeting of Social Protection of the Population in the Conditions of a Transition Economy (based on materials from Uzbekistan)
Нуралиев Нуриддин Нуралиевич (Citizen of Kyrgyzstan), PhD, 2006 year Liberalization of Foreign Trade of the Kyrgyz Republic in a Transition Economy
Умаров Абдувахоб Турсунович , PhD, 2007 year Environmental aspects of increasing the efficiency of the economic potential of the region (on the example of the Tashkent region)
Зикриллаева Надира Ахмедовна, PhD, 2008 year Theoretical aspects of increasing the competitiveness of the national economy in a transitional economy (based on the materials of the real sector of the economy of Uzbekistan)
Джуманова Раъно Файзуллаевна, PhD, 2008 year Living standards: indicators and ways to improve it
Рўзметов Шерзод Бахтиярович, PhD, 2009 й year  ил Ways to strengthen the deposit base of commercial banks of Uzbekistan
Мусаев Бехзод Анварович, PhD, 2009 year Improvement of the financial control mechanism in the execution of the State budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Акромов Хуршид Мажлимбоевич, PhD, 2010 year Impact of macroeconomic policy on the development of the securities market of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Махмудова Гулжахон Нематджоновна, PhD, 2010 year Directions for increasing the efficiency of investments in agriculture
Расулова Дилфуза Валиевна, DSc, 2010 year Improving the theoretical and methodological base of labor migration in the system of market relations.
Даминов Дилшод Шарипович, PhD, 2011 year Improving the mechanism for the correct calculation of taxes in the tax system of Uzbekistan
Разыкова Гульнора Хикматовна, PhD, 2011 year Economic mechanism for the implementation of industrial policy in the context of modernization of the economy of Uzbekistan
Абдуназарова Нодира Ўктамовна, PhD, 2011 year The place of the banking sector in the economic development of regions
Эргашев Илхом Обидович. PhD, 2011 year Ways to Effectively Use Excise Taxes to Protect the National Market
Алиқориев Олимхон Фурқат ўғли, PhD, 2011 year Directions for the development of new services in commercial banks
Сирожиддинов Камолиддин Икромиддинович, PhD, 2012 year Improving Economic Diagnostics in Farms
Захидова Ширин Ширзатовна, PhD, 2012 year Improving the efficiency of the market mechanism for higher education services (based on materials from Uzbekistan)
Султанбекова Мунира Баходировна, PhD, 2012 year Using foreign experience in the development of investment funds in the Republic of Uzbekistan
Муродова Нодира Қуллиевна, DSc, 2016 year Improving the theoretical base of state support for small business and private entrepreneurship
Махмудова Гулжаҳон Неъматжоновна, DSc, 2018 year Improving the theoretical foundations of models of economic modernization
Рахмонов Норим Раззоқович, DSc, 2019 year Improving the quality of training in higher education based on the socio-economic development of the regions.
Имомов Рустам Назруллаевич, PhD, 2020 year Improving the system of financial support for agriculture by the state
Режабов Хайрулла, PhD, 2020 year Improving the relationship between higher education services and the labor market
Бахтиёров Бобур Баходир ўғли, PhD, 2020 year Directions for improving the economic mechanism of the social protection system
Хаджикулова Саодат Наримоновна, PhD, 2020 year Improving lending to small businesses by international financial institutions
Худойбердиев Зафар, DSc, 2020 йи year   Improving the mechanism of the labor market functioning in the context of economic modernization.
Умаров Жасур Турсунович,Ю PhD, 2021 year Methodological aspects of improving the public procurement system
Умурзакова Мўтабар Нодир қизи, PhD, 2021 year Prospects for the development of health insurance in the field of social protection in Uzbekistan

The researchers conducting the study at the Department

Full name of the researcherThe topic of the dissertation work
Рахимжонов Азизжон Вохиджон ўғли. Таян докторантOpportunities to use foreign experience in the development of non-governmental pension funds to improve the pension system of Uzbekistan  
Мухамедова Севара Абдукаххоровна. Таян докторантImproving the quality of life of the population and improving the cost structure  
Нарманов Улуғбек Абдугаппарович. Таян докторантImproving the economic mechanism of employment in the household  
Аманова Мафтуна Давлатбой қизи. Таян докторантImproving the mechanism for reducing the shadow sector based on the digitalization of the economy

Information about fundamental, practical and innovative grants at the department

The staff of the department won and implemented four international scientific grants in 2000-2020. In 2005-2020, the staff of the department successfully implemented three fundamental and two practical grants from the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In 2021

the teaching staff of the department won an applied scientific grant project A-OT-2021-461 - "Creation of a platform for training courses based on multimedia technologies in the study of the basics of financial literacy and securities markets in secondary schools" (709.3 million soums ) in the announced competition of practical projects and implements it.

Information on domestic and foreign partners

Name of the organization and institutionInformation about branches
Extrabudgetary Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of UzbekistanEach area has a department, each area has a department.
State Committee on Statistics of the Republic of UzbekistanEach area has a department, each area has a department.
Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations of the Republic of UzbekistanEach area has a department, each area has a department.
Institute for Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research under the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction of the Republic of Uzbekistan 
Private Joint Stock Bank "Trustbank"There are branches
Bremenhafen University of Applied Sciences, Germany 
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy 

Department structure

Full name of Professor-teachersAcademic degree, title
Vahabov Abdurahim VasikovichHead of the Department, doctor of economics Professor
Alimov Rovşhan Arifjonovicdoctor of economics Professor
Kulmatov Alimjon AbdilloevichCandidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Sultanova Lola SharopovnaCandidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Zohidova Shirin SherzatovnaCandidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Sharipov Kuvondik BakhtiyorovichPhd, Associate Professor
Rejapov Khayrullo Hikmatillayevich  Phd, Associate Professor
Babur Baxtiyorov Bakhodir ugliPhd, Senior Lecturer
Umurzakova Mutabar Nodir kiziPhd, Senior Lecturer
Rakhmonov Sherzod Ibragimovich Senior Lecturer s
Khajibakiev Shukhrat KhujayorovichSenior Lecturer
Rakhmatova Hargiza Agzamovna    Senior Lecturer
Fayzullaev Jonibek NegmatullaevichSenior Lecturer s
Mirzaeva Azizakhon SherzodovnaLecturer
Rakhmonov  Bekhzod Ibragimovich Lecturer
Akramov Khurshid MajlimboevichCandidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer

Textbooks, teaching aids and monographs published over the past two years at the department

Vakhabov A.V., Khajibakiyev Sh.H., Toshmatov Sh.A., Butaboyev M.T. Green economy. Textbook. -Tashkent .: “Universitet” 2020 296
A.V. Vaxabov, Sh.X.Khajibakiev, Sh.A.Toshmatov. Models of development of the "green economy" in the world and features of its implementation in Uzbekistan. Monograph. Tashkent .: “Universitet” 2020, 278 p.  
A.V. Vaxabov, B.B. Bakhtiyorov. Improving the mechanism of strengthening the targeting of the system of social protection of socially vulnerable segments of the population. Monograph. Tashkent .: “University” 2020
Mamanazarov M.Microeconomics: theory and practice. Textbook. - Bukhara: 2020, - 420 p.
Institutional economics: textbook./ - H.P.Abulqosimov, A.A.Qulmatov- T .: 2020. - 430 p.
Vakhabov A.V., Zakhidova Sh.Sh.. Bakhtiyorov B.B. Ijtimoiy ish va ijtimoiy ta'minotga kirish. Darslik. qayta koʻrib chiqilgan va kengaytirilgan nashri. - Toshkent. Innovatsiya - bu aql. 2020, 152-bet
O.S. Dusmukhamedov. Fundamentals of Creative Entrepreneurship. Tutorial. GIIKUz. - Tashkent, 2021 .-- 158 p.
Rejapov Kh. Kh. Methodological problems of improving the relationship between higher education services and the labor market. Monograph. - Tashkent .: “Universitet” 2021
Umurzakova M.N. Prospects for the development of health insurance in social protection in Uzbekistan. Monograph. - Tashkent 2021.131 p.
V. Vakhabov,Amanova M.D.  and others. Modern features of the influence of the shadow economy in the post-Soviet space and ways to mitigate its consequences. International collective monograph. - T .: University. 2021 .-- 372 p.