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Department of Source Studies and Archival Studies

- Head of department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Friday, 14:00 – 17:00

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The subjects taught at the department are in a separate form for bachelors and masters

SubjectsBrief information about subjects
1Special historical sciencesThis course lasts for three terms, and in the first term the knowledge and skills on the concept of history, history of the Faculty of History of the National University of Uzbekistan, essays, term papers, methods of writing a dissertation are given. In the second term, students will be introduced to the special historical disciplines of chronology and metrology, and will be able to use calendars, the history of metric measurements, and year calculations. In the third term they get acquainted with information about sphragistics, genealogy, heraldry, diplomacy and other special historical sciences, their object of research and methods.
2Historical geographyThe process of teaching science consists of the formation of knowledge and skills in the historical geography and cartography of Central Asia from ancient times to the present day.
3Oriental languagesThis course consists of teaching the letters of the Arabic and Persian alphabets and increasing the vocabulary of these languages, reading texts (from Arabic and Persian).  
4Museology and archival studiesDuring this course, knowledge and skills on the subject and object of source studies and historiography, tasks, sources and their types, types of research in the field of historiography, theoretical problems of source studies and historiography, methods of historical research in the history of Central Asia and Uzbekistan are formed.
5Introduction to the specialtyKnowledge and skills in the concept of historical and archival studies, history of the Faculty of History of the National University of Uzbekistan, essays, term papers, methods of writing a dissertation.
6History of state institutions of UzbekistanThe goals and objectives of this discipline are to study the formation of the first public institutions in the territory of Uzbekistan, the history of Uzbek statehood and governance, and the activities of public administration.  
7Theory and practice of archival workThe purpose of this course is to teach the National Archives of Uzbekistan, the state accounting in the archives, the formation of a scientific reference apparatus, the organization of the examination of the value of documents, the teaching of archives.
8History of World ArchivesThe main purpose of the science is to give students an overview of the general history and present of the archives the historical significance of ancient archives through the science of world leading archives, they
The importance of the documents contained in them is to teach their historical significance.  
9Basics of digital resources and electronic archivesThis course provides an analysis of the types of digital sources and legislation of electronic archives, theoretical and practical application of the system of electronic reference apparatus, the organization of digital archives of state archives, the organization of the examination of electronic documents, the classification of digital documents, the experience of electronic archives in the world. teaches.
10Chronology and metrology The science of chronology and metrology
to teach the time and units of time used in antiquity, to compare the units of time used in different nations, to teach calendars and their types
11Museum Studies and Library ScienceForms theoretical and practical knowledge and skills on the history of library work and museums of Uzbekistan from ancient times to the present day, the basics of modern museology, library science and bibliography in historical periods and today.
12Source studiesDuring the course, students will gain knowledge and skills about historical sources that provide information about the history of Uzbekistan from ancient times to the present day.
13In the field of archives iinnovationsFits main purpose is ato analyze the role of information technology in understanding the processes in the field of archives, to develop skills in analyzing and researching innovative approaches to the main areas of science, to explain the role of science in the analysis of development factors of state and society; and teaching techniques.
Subjects taught at the master's level
1Historical research methodsThe main purpose of science is to teach historians how to use research methods in the conduct of scientific activities, the essence of research methods.
2Sources and historiography of the history of the new and most recent periodThis science involves the study of the sources of the history of the period of independence and the study of historiography.  
3Paleography and textual studiesDuring this course, the most common types of writing in the world in ancient and medieval times, their history and modern forms are studied
4Schools of historiography in the Central Asian khanatesThis subject studies the development of history in the period of the khanates, the peculiarities of the schools of historiography and historical works.

About researchers and scientific work

  The research professor’s full namesAcademic degree, title  The topic of the dissertation
1Rahmankulova Zumrad BoykhorozovnaHead of department    Interaction of the Central Asian khanates with the Ottoman state in the historiography of the XX-XXI centuries
2Saidboboev Zokirjon AbdukarimovichProfessorHistorical and cartographic data on Central Asia in Europe (XVI-XIX centuries)
3Burieva Khayriya Amanullaevna.DocentToponymy of Tashkent in 1917-2007 and its historical aspects
4Khamidova Muhabbat SamandarovnaDocentHistory of architectural monuments of Amir Temur and Temurids of Uzbekistan
5Choriev Sherzodjon ShokirjonovichDocent Socio-economic history of Uzbekistan in the National Archives of Uzbekistan (1924-1941)
6Zohidova Sahovat AbdukodirovnaDocentKhojagon iyya-naqbandiyya "Protection system" and its important role and significance in the social policy of the Temurids (XV-XVI centuries)
7Saidboboeva Gulzora Ne'matjonovnaDocentHistory of electrification of Turkestan region (end of XIX century, first quarter of XX century)
8Shaydullaeva Guljahon ShopulatovnaPhD teacherCultural Relations of the Ox and Harappan Civilizations
9Nazarov Aziz YoqubjonovichHead teacherDocuments of the funds of scientific societies in the National Archive of Uzbekistan
10Yusupova Dildora JurakulovnateacherHistoriography of Tashkent city (late XIX - early XX centuries)
11Duschanov Rasuljon Raximbaevichteacher History of the tax policy of the Soviet state in Uzbekistan (1946-1990)
12Botirov Elbek AlisherovichteacherHistory of Turkestan ASSR customs
13Xamroev Sunnat AllaberdievichteacherHistoriography of diplomatic relations between the Emirate of Bukhara and the Russian Empire
14Salomova Lutfiya IskandarovnateacherUzMA documents are a source on health issues in the Turkestan ASSR

Information on local and foreign partners

The Department of Source Studies and Archival Studies cooperates with a number of local and foreign partners. Local partners are the Uzarkhiv Agency, the Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Abu Rayhan Beruni Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A number of activities are being carried out with partner organizations to discuss curricula, programs and provide scientific guidance to masters. A number of conferences were also held with them.

A number of works are being carried out with foreign partners. Professors of Istanbul University in the 2020-2021 academic year:Tuba Tombuloglu - Turkey (Worid Rankings (CWUR) 1160, Research Performance Rank 1110) Professor of Mersin University, Demir Alparslan - Turkey (Times Higer Education ranking 1126) Tokat University Professor, Ceyhan Guler - Istanbul University of Turkey (international ranking (Times Higer) Yunus Kuch, a professor at the Hugatepa University in Turkey (ranked 750th in the Times Higer Education ranking), is lecturing to students. It is also planned that a number of teachers of the department will deliver lectures to students of top 1000 universities.

The structure of the department

1Rahmankulova Zumrad Boykhorozovnazumradrahmankulova @    
2Saidboboev Zokirjon
3Burieva Khayriya
4Khamidova Muhabbat Samandarovnahamidova.2002 @
5Choriev Sherzodjon
6Zaxidova Sakhovat Abdukodirovnasakhovat_2009 @
7Saidboboeva Gulzora Ne'matjonovnaGulzora @
8Shaydullaeva Guljahon  
9Nazarov Aziz
10Yusupova Dildora
11Duschanov Rasuljon
12Botirov Elbek  
13Xamroev Sunnat
14Salomova Lutfiya


 Teachers of Oriental Languages ​​of the Department of Source Studies and Archival Studies have established a circle "Oriental Languages" in order to effectively spend free time of bachelor's and master's students of the faculty and to help them learn the Persian language.