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Departmant of mechanics and mathematical modeling

Akhmedov Akram Burkhanovich - Head of department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Friday, 14:00 – 17:00

 +998 9


The Department of Mechanics was organized at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Turkestan (Central Asian (1923), Tashkent (1960) University, and now the National University of Uzbekistan named after M. Ulugbek (since 2000)) in 1920. It provided a course of theoretical mechanics with the inclusion of celestial mechanics, theory of elasticity, hydromechanics, field theory and other disciplines.

In 1936 the Department of Mechanics became profiling and began training specialists in three specialties: theoretical mechanics, theory of elasticity and plasticity, hydromechanics. Heads of the Department of Mechanics were: Assoc. Pavlenko A.K. (1936-1938), prof. Shulgin MF (1939-1975). In 1956, on the basis of the Department of Mechanics, two departments were created: "General Mechanics" and "Continuum Mechanics". The heads of the department of general mechanics were: prof. Shulgin M.F. (until 1975), Assoc. Shulgin A.F. (1975-1982), prof. Azizov A.G. (1982-1997). The scientific problems of the department were united by the theme "Control questions of optimization and integration of equations in mechanics".
In connection with the needs of the national economy and the remarkable development of scientific research on the theory of elasticity and plasticity, and hydromechanics on the initiative of an outstanding scientist and organizer of science in Uzbekistan, Academician, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Scientist, Laureate of the State Prize. Beruni prof. M.T. In 1956, Urazbaev established the Department of Continuum Mechanics (DCM).

The first head of the department was DCM himself. Urazbaev, then Assoc. Bagdasarov A.D. (1965-1973), Assoc. Mamatkulov Sh. (1973-1983), prof. Begmatov A. (1983-1997). In 1997, the departments of "General Mechanics" and "Continuum Mechanics" were merged into the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, which in 2016 was renamed the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Mechanics.
The department "Theoretical Foundations of Mechanics" prepares graduates in three specialties: theoretical mechanics, mechanics of deformable solids and fluid and gas mechanics. In the same areas, scientific research is carried out. 
At present, scientific research is conducted in the following areas:
- Dynamic interactions of structures with liquid and ground media (Khusanov B.E., Mamatova N.T., Sagdullaeva D.A., Ibodullaev Sh.);
- Control, optimization and integration of equations in mechanics (Korshunova N.A., Sidikov M.N., Khaidarov I.K., Ruzmatov M.I.);
- Actual problems of the mechanics of single and multiphase media (Begmatov A., Ruzmatov M.I.);