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Employee of the State Archives of the City of Mönchengladbach

Employee Of The State Archive Of Munichengladbach, Germany, Historian, Geographer And Political Scientist At Uzbekistan National University

The employee of the state archive of Mönchengladbach, Germany, historian, geographer and political scientist Dr. Dr. On May 15, 2023, Helge Kleifeld started his lectures in the field of German local studies with the participation of 1st and 2nd year graduate students of Linguistics (German language) and 3rd and 4th year students of Philology and Language Teaching (German) of the Faculty of Foreign Philology.

During the lectures, discussions were held with students and graduate students about the geographical location and unique aspects of the nature of Germany. Dr. Dr. Helge Kleifeld shared the gifts he brought with him from Germany to the participants of the lecture.

These lectures, which last 3 days, make a great contribution to the development of the knowledge of students and masters in the field of local studies.