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Passau university

Practical Seminar For German Language Professors-Teachers

On September 26, 2023, in cooperation with the network (regional) center for retraining and professional development of pedagogues under the National University of Uzbekistan and UzMU, a practical seminar for professors of the German language by Deuser Leon Alexander from the University of Passau, Federal Republic of Germany took place.

The seminar first began with an introduction to the goals and objectives, and the activities of visiting professors and teachers from the universities of Bukhara, Khorezm, Fergana and Tashkent were discussed.

Also, Leon Deuser, who knows Russian, English, French and Spanish languages, shared his experiences regarding the fact that he is currently learning Uzbek and the methodology of comparative learning of several languages. Information was given about the current lexical base of the German language and its stages of development.

It was decided that the next part of the seminar will be scheduled on Tuesdays next week. The schedule and time of the next seminars will be announced on the telegram channels of the international department.


In September 2023, the National University of Uzbekistan was visited by Deuser Leon Alexander, a 2nd year student of the History Faculty of the University of Passau, Federal Republic of Germany. It is known that in recent years, the number of students visiting the university from European universities within the framework of the academic mobility program is increasing day by day. Yesterday, a student of Finland's Obua Academy was admitted to the Faculty of Economics for 6 months as part of the academic mobility program, and today a student of Passau University was admitted.

In the meeting with the student, detailed information was provided about the educational process, internal procedures, living arrangements in the student residence, and the conditions created for students in the student campus at the national university.

Also, German student Deuser Leon Alexander expressed his desire to establish a German speaking club for students studying German at the university.

The visit of such foreign students to the university helps to create a communication environment for students learning the language, as well as to increase the university's indicators of academic mobility.