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Creation of an electronic platform and a multimedia complex for a deeper study of the heritage and perpetuating the memory of the victims of repression and emphasizing the importance of their socio-political, spiritual and educational ideas in education and upbringing.

Scientific supervisor: Ishankhodzhaeva Zamira Raimovna

Deadline: 15.11.2021-31.10.2022

Project number: A-OT-2021-542

Project Type: Practical

Expected results and their meanings: Within the framework of the project, according to the methodology of digital history, in particular about compatriots who were victims of repression, based on the use of materials:

– a mobile application of the book of memory will be created;

– a platform for transferring to the next generation the memory of our compatriots who became victims of repression, and an electronic database will be created for the free use of the platform, which will be regularly updated;

– the mobile application and the multimedia complex will be supported in Uzbek, Russian, English languages, and materials will be presented in these languages; an electronic source platform and a multimedia collection will be created.

During the creation of the electronic platform, the topic processing technology was used, which served to transfer the memory of our compatriots who were victims of repression to the next generation. Artificial intelligence, technological progress, the use of modern technologies, the least use of manual labor, the optimal management of processes from all sides, a deeper study and perpetuation of the spiritual heritage of the victims of repression suggest a multifaceted development, including increasing efficiency to ensure the spiritual development of society. This, in turn, will form a sense of patriotism and loyalty among young people, develop creative thinking among young people, carry out activities in collective cooperation, conduct it in a modern and communicative way, using various methods of interpretation using digital technologies based on the use of new modern systems, where an effective, interdisciplinary system of cooperation is important. In conditions when social networks, tablets and smartphones are an integral part of the life of modern youth, it is important to convey historical memory to the masses, especially young people, and to strengthen historical memory through the effective use of these technologies.

Important results obtained during the reporting period (upon completion of the project):

As part of the project, it is planned to study archival materials about the repressive policy of the Soviet government in Uzbekistan and its consequences. Based on this, within the framework of the project, from November 2021, in accordance with the agreed work plan, in order to collect the necessary materials, work began in the National Archives of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the archive of the State Security Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in the “Nodir Nashrlar” department of the National Library named after A. Navoi, as well as collected materials from Internet databases.

Information will be collected on compatriots in the city of Tashkent who have become victims of repression; archival materials will be collected within the framework of the project to create an electronic platform.

The project participants will continue to collect and analyze up-to-date scientific data, archival materials, as well as collect important information for an electronic database and a mobile application.

Within the framework of the project, a mobile application “Toshkent shahar xotira kitobi” was created. The process is underway to form, within the framework of the project, the rest of the multimedia complex, a mobile application, an electronic platform and an electronic database.

Identities for a software project

Mobile application “Repressive siyosat - council of khokimiyati va Uzbekiston madaniyati: omonlik fozhiasi (1925-1953)”. DGU13630. 11/10/2021 (Ishankhodzhaeva Z.R., Beknazarova S.S., Khamroev D).


1. Mobile application "Toshkent shahar хotira kitobi". DGU20223948 (registration number). Ishankhodzhaeva Z.R., Irzaev B., Beknazarova S.S., Togaev J.E., Muhammadiev R.R. (in the process).

2. Multimedia complex “O‘zbekiston tarixining dolzarb masalalari (XIX asrning ikkinchi yarmi – XX asr)”. DGU20223949 (registration number). Ishankhodzhaeva Z.R., Irzaev B., Beknazarova S.S., Togaev J.E., Muhammadiev R.R. (in the process).

On the part of the participants during the implementation of the project, 25 scientific articles and abstracts were published, in particular, 7 at international and republican conferences, 4 in foreign journals, 3 in republican journals, 11 in local Internet publications. Also, the project manager Z.R.Ishankhodzhayeva participates in the filming of the serial documentary film “Suronli Yillar”, which is filmed by the “O‘zbekiston tarixi” TV channel, with information on the topic. A member of the project B. Irzaev, within the framework of the project, took part in 20 films in the series “Millatimiz fidoyilari” on the TV channel “O‘zbekiston tarixi”. With the participation of J.E. Togaev, a program on the topic of digital history was broadcast on the air of the program “Mavzu” on the channel “O‘zbekiston tarixi”.

Interviews of B.Irzaev were shown on the TV channel “O‘zbekiston 24”, “Manaviyat va ma’rifat”, “Uzreport”. Also, he participated as an expert in such programs as “Aslida qanday”, “Jadid oliy ta’limi muammolari”, “Milliy qadriyatlar millat borligi”, “Mavzu”, “Munavvar qori va Toshkent jadidchilik maktabi”, “Qatag‘on qurboni bo‘lgan jadidlar” , “Mahmudxo‘ja Behbudiy va Samarqand jadidchilik maktabi”, “Ashurali Zohiriy va Farg‘ona jadidchilik maktabi” of the “O‘zbekiston tarixi” TV channel. Articles were published on the Internet sites, ​​, Rost 24.

On the part of the project participants, articles were prepared for their further publication in scientific journals of the Scopus database and conferences:

  1. Ishankhodjaeva Z.R. An important direction of deep renewal processes is the restoration of historical truth // Journal of legal, Ethical and regulatory Issues. (in publication).
  2. III International Conference ICMSIT-III-2022: “Metrological support of innovative technologies: Algorithms of increasing the contrast of images”.
  3. “Media resources in video information systems”.