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Development of technology for obtaining a new type of cation exchanger based on secondary raw materials of production.

Scientific adviser: Nurmanov Suvonqul Erxanovich

Due date: 01.04.2020-31.03.2023

Project code: AМ-ФЗ-2019081449

Project type: Practical

Expected results and their importance:

During the year, 3 billion cubic meters of natural gas and more than 115 thousand tons of gas condensate are produced at the Surgul field of the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex, owned by Uz-KorGaz Chemical JSC, the largest manufacturer of polymer products in Central Asia, using local raw materials. At the same time, natural gas is initially divided into methane, ethane, propane-butane fractions. Methane in the complex is not processed, it is sent for use in the form of a finished product. The ethane and propane-butane fractions are separately pyrolyzed and ethylene and propylene are obtained, respectively, and as a result of their polymerization, granulated polyethylene and polypropylene are produced as commercial products. The annual capacity of the complex is 387,000 tons of polyethylene, 83,000 tons of polypropylene and secondary products: 102,000 tons of pyrolysis distillate, 8,000 tons of pyrolysis oil, 10,000 tons of residual solid products. Secondary products are not recycled and are sold at low prices as low-quality fuel for steam boilers.

Based on the naphthalene fraction obtained by separating the processing of one of these secondary products of pyrolysis oil, the production of superplasticizer and sulfonic cation exchanger - imported products are the most important tasks.

Naphthalene and its homologues are isolated from the waste composition. A physical and chemical analysis of their composition will be carried out. Based on the results obtained, a patent for the invention is issued. Methods will be developed for determining the technological parameters for the separation and purification of secondary raw materials of the Shurtan gas-chemical complex. The naphthalene fraction is reacted with formalin and separated into fractions to obtain polymeric substances. The sulfonation reaction of the obtained polymeric substance is carried out. The effect of temperature, reaction time, and molar amounts of starting materials on the product yield is determined.

Purpose of the study: The aim of the project is to create, develop and implement a new effective method for the neutralization of brine containing heavy metal ions used in the oil and gas industry on the basis of pyrolysis secondary raw materials.

The grant will accomplish the following tasks:

- determination of the chemical composition of the container of the product-solid residue formed during the pyrolysis of hydrocarbon raw materials;

- development of methods for processing the solid residue of the process of pyrolysis of hydrocarbon raw materials;

- installation of a plant for the processing of solid waste from the process of pyrolysis of hydrocarbon raw materials;

- establishment of optimal technological parameters for fractionation of containers of the product of the pyrolysis process;

- development of methods for cleaning the product of fractionation of secondary raw materials - solid residue;

- development of a technological scheme and calculation of the material balance of processing the solid residue of the pyrolysis process;

- development of a method for the synthesis of sorbents-ion exchangers based on the products of the tar fraction of the product;

- study of the physicochemical parameters of the developed sorbents;

- production of a pilot batch of samples of developed sorbents based on the solid residue of the hydrocarbon pyrolysis process in the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex;

- approbation of the developed technology for processing product containers, preliminary technical and economic calculations, preparation of the necessary technological documentation.

Based on the results of the experiments, materials will be prepared for obtaining a patent of the Republic of Uzbekistan and scientific articles will be published in foreign and republican scientific journals that have an Impact Factor

Important results achieved during the reporting period (at the end of the project):

-naphthalene and its homologues were isolated from the composition of the waste. A physicochemical analysis of its composition was carried out. Based on the results obtained, an application was submitted for obtaining a patent of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- the separation into fractions and the study of the composition of the wastes of the Shurtan gas-chemical complex were carried out, their technological parameters were determined and a method for cleaning the products of fractions was developed;

- the naphthalene fraction was reacted with formalin and the resulting product was divided into fractions to obtain a polymeric substance. Based on the results of fractionation, it was found that naphthalene is contained in large quantities in liquid pyrolysis products. Naphthalene was extracted and reacted with formalin. The reaction of sulfonation of the obtained polymeric substance was studied;

- carried out the reaction of sulfonation of naphthalene. The effect of temperature, reaction time, and molar amounts of starting materials on the product yield was determined. The resulting sulfonaphthalene was subjected to a polycondensation reaction with formaldehyde and a polymer product was obtained;

- determined the factors influencing the process of polycondensation of sulfonaphthalene with formalin;

- the composition and structure of the obtained substances were studied by various physicochemical methods. The kinetics of the processes has been studied and their mechanism of occurrence has been proposed;

- the influence of the obtained superplasticizer on concrete mixtures was determined and compared with imported superplasticizers;

the operational properties of sulfonic cation exchanger - swelling, static and dynamic exchange capacity - have been determined, thermal and chemical stability has been verified. The properties of the resulting sulfonic cation exchanger are compared with those of other cation exchangers.


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