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Tashkent loves youth

On December 14-17, the Week of Education and Entrepreneurship was held at the Center of Youth Trade Unions of the National University of Uzbekistan within the framework of the month "Tashkent loves youth".
This week was attended by students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and faculty teachers Abdullayeva Feruza and Tillahodjaeva Khosiyathon. Muhammad Ali Eshankulov, a marketer working in our country, one of the founders of the Academy of Rising Leaders, Business Square, founder of the Cartridges project, Shohida Ibragimova, founder of and Growth Academy. A round table was held with the participation of students. At this round table, young students shared their complete and positive ideas on how to realize their dream business projects and on the stages of their personal development. The students came to the conclusion that they lived a purposeful life by taking various life school tests for themselves. An exchange of views also took place on what the student's agenda should be, how many pages of books a day should be read and at what time of the day. "Tashkent loves youth" is an excellent school for every young generation on the way to a good life.

Press Service of the NUU