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Wageningen University

Online meeting with Wageningen University in the Netherlands

In February 2023, the staff of the International Relations Department of the National University of Uzbekistan held an online meeting with Professor Han Zuilhof of the Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Organic Synthesis and Applied Chemistry of Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

The meeting was attended by Professor Han Zuilhof, who is currently doing an internship at Wageningen University, Head of the Department of "Organic Synthesis and Applied Chemistry", Associate Professor Ilyas Hudoynazarov.

Professor Hudoynazarov expressed his warm thoughts about Ilyas about the researches he is conducting in cooperation, and he mentioned his proposals and plans for the continuation of this cooperation in the future.

During the meeting, the professor and his colleagues expressed their opinions and suggestions regarding the establishment of scientific publications in the future in cooperation with professors and teachers of NUUz.

In addition, initial negotiations were held with Wageningen University on sending and receiving students to study within the academic mobility program.

We remind you that Wageningen University ranks 89th in the Best Global University ranking in the world.