The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is 105 years old!


Xasanov Miralisheri - head of Department

100174, Tashkent City, Almazar district, University Street 4

Reception days: Monday-Friday, 14 – 00-17:00

Phone: 71 246-59-12 


Brief information about the Department

The Department of youth work, spirituality and enlightenment carries out a long-term, large-scale spiritual and moral education program aimed at glorifying human rights and dignity by finding a democratic principle based on national and universal values, especially among the students-youth, and educating healthy, mentally mature, world-conscious and independent-minded young people.

The Department of working with young people, spirituality and enlightenment operates according to the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees, decrees and orders of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education, internal order of the University and the Charter

The main purpose of the Department of youth work, spirituality and enlightenment is to educate the students in the spirit of loyalty to national and universal values, to expand their spiritual, aesthetic, moral outlook, to protect their thinking from the influence of various foreign ideas and to educate them as a truly selfless, patriotic personality of the independent Uzbekistan.

The main directions of spiritual and educational activity:

  • formation of students as real citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of national and universal values;
  • Preparation of civil and childhood duties before Vatan for implementation diligently;
  • formation and improvement of individual qualities of the student;
  • broad promotion of students ' sense of social activity, transativity, respect for education and profession and social responsibility;
  • development of socio-political and legal consciousness of students, expansion of critical and analytical thinking skills;
  • negative malpractices to student youth: to mean injustice, reparation, negative consequences of localism;
  • meaningful Organization of leisure time of Students, Organization of scientific and creative activities on the basis of their interests;
  • to improve the systematic spiritual and moral and educational work.

The main tasks of the Department of working with young people, spirituality and enlightenment:

  • wide promotion of reforms carried out in our country among students;
  • to establish the formation of moral, aesthetic, political, legal, artistic education among students-youth;
  • Organization of conferences, round tables and meetings dedicated to the promotion of national traditions, values;
  • assistance in improving the spiritual and physical perfection of students;
  • setting priority directions of spiritual, educational and educational work at the university, development and implementation of necessary normative documents in this regard;
  • to find ideological immunity among the student youth in the fight against religious extremism, terrorism, drug addiction and organized crime;
  • to increase the interest of young people in music, painting, literature, theater and other types of art, to promote the emergence of talent;
  • to create the necessary conditions for the physical conditioning of young people, the manifestation of their abilities in the field of sports;
  • meaningful Organization of youth leisure, raising the culture of reading among them;
  • assist student girls in their professional development;
  • Active participation in improving spiritual and educational work in cooperation with the city, district departments of the Republican center of spirituality and enlightenment, as well as funds operating in our country, public organizations.

The vice-rector organizes, coordinates and supervises the spiritual and educational work of the university directly on youth issues and spiritual and educational work.