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Legal service

Mamadaliev Yakhayeva Guli Haydarovna is the head of the department
100174 Tashkent city, Almazor district, University street 4
Monday - Friday, 14:00 - 17:00

Duties of legal service

  • To perform one's labor duties honestly and conscientiously, to observe labor and performance discipline, rules of etiquette;
  • Avoiding corruption and other violations, and also reporting such cases immediately to the university management and to the management department of the anti-corruption "compliance control" system;
  • Not abusing one's official duties;
  • General management of all activities and employees of the legal service;
  • Creation of current and prospective work plans of the legal service and ensuring their execution;
  • Coordination of activities based on the purpose of the service;
  • Ensuring and monitoring the implementation of the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan on education, Presidential Decrees, Orders, Decisions, Decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, Decisions of the Board of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, orders, instruction letters, modemograms and phonegrams, as well as the orders of UzMU on the issue of legal services;
  • Organization of ensuring the rule of law and legality in law enforcement activities;
  • Supervision over the legality of drafts of normative legal and other documents developed (adopted) by the university;
  • Overseeing drafts of decisions and orders issued in UzMU, as well as ensuring the proper formalization of issued orders, decisions and orders in accordance with current laws and regulations, and providing legal expertise;
  • Ensuring that the contracts concluded between UzMU and other organizations do not contradict the legal documents and conduct legal expertise;
  • Control over the legality of drafts of normative legal and other documents developed (adopted) by the university;
  • Participation in law-making activities of the university, preparation of proposals for improving legislation;
  • To increase legal culture and legal literacy of pedagogues and other employees, students, to participate in conveying to them the content and importance of the adopted normative legal documents, including through modern information and communication technologies;
  • Carrying out contract-legal and claim-claim work, ensuring reliable protection of the property and other interests of the university in court and other law enforcement bodies;
  • Providing legal advice to professors, staff and students;
  • Compliance with the requirements of labor protection, safety equipment and production sanitation;
  • Compliance with the position (task) instructions;
  • To answer for the non-fulfillment of the tasks that fall under his authority in accordance with the procedure established by the law;
  • To answer for the university property attached to him in accordance with the procedure established by law.