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Theory of probability and mathematical statistics

Sharipov Olimjon Shukurovich - Head of department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Friday, 14:00 – 17:00

 +998 9


The Department of "Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics" was founded in 1938 on the initiative of V.I. Romanovsky. The chair was headed by academicians V.I. Romanovsky (1938-1954). Further development of research in the field of probability theory and mathematical statistics in Uzbekistan since the early 50‘s was associated with the names of academicians TA. Sarimsakova (1915-1995) and S.Kh. Sirazhdinov (1920-1988). Sh.K. Formanov (1990-1995), T.A. Azlarov (1995-2005). From 2006-2017 the department was headed by the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. A.A. Abdushukurov. The department played a key role in the emergence, formation and development of the world-famous school on probability theory and mathematical statistics in Uzbekistan.

At present, the further development of the school of probability theory and mathematical statistics in Uzbekistan is closely connected with the names of academicians T.A. Azlarova and Sh.K. Formanova, who are professors of the department. They with their students make their contributions to maintain the prestige of the school of probability theory and mathematical statistics in Uzbekistan.
At the present time, the department conducts research on the directions: limit theorems, random processes, characterization problems of the theory of distributions, and statistics of incomplete samples. All these directions are united under the general theme: "Limit theorems for stochastic processes and statistical deductions". The department also conducts research on the grant "Approximation problems for distributions of sums of random variables and statistical applications for dependent observations" (headed by Academician Sh. K. Formanov). The department has scientific connections with Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Belarus, Pakistan, Hungary, Mongolia, China, Germany.

Since the establishment of the department, the staff published about 1200 articles, 20 monographs and textbooks and prepared more than 200 candidates and 20 doctors of science.
The department produces students in the areas of bachelor‘s degree "5460200-Statistics" and "5460100-Mathematics" and also masters in the specialty "5A460104-Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics".
At the initiative and with the active participation of the staff of the Chair and the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan in 1962, 1972, 1983, 1995, and also in 2005, the traditional Fergana colloquiums on probability theory and mathematical statistics were conducted.