The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is the first and leading higher education institution not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia: 15 faculties, 80 chairs, 16 joint education programs, The number of graduates is 200,000+

Scientific projects

Information on the participation of students in international, start-up, fundamental, practical, innovative and management contracts conducted at the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek

Project number and completion dateProject topic 
FZ-2019081449 Implementation project for 2020-2023Development of a new type of cationite extraction technology based on industrial secondary raw materials
FZ-2020010829 Implementation project for 2020-2022Innovative mechanisms of formation of practical skills in the scientific activity of young students
FZ-2019081452 Implementation project for 2020-2022Development of cyclohexane synthesis technology based on ethylene
FZ-201908098 Implementation project for 2020-2022Purification of kaolins from iron oxides
UT-OT-2020-2 Practical project for 2020-2022Geometric and kinematic invariants of T-figures in Euclidean and pseudo-Euclidean spaces
UT-OT-2020-1 Practical project to be completed in 2020-2022Monje-Ampere equation and extremal plurisubharmonic functions
UZB-Ind-2021-78 Implementation project for 2021-2023Thermoelectric properties and self-organization processes of silicates doped with metal oxides
UZB-Ind-2021-79 Practical project for 2021-2023Studying the dynamics of the degradation process of glaciers in the mountain ranges of Uzbekistan based on remote sensing
UZB-Ind-2021-87 Implementation project for 2021-2023Lie symmetry analysis, Lyapunov stability analysis and modeling of hyperbolic systems
UZB-Ind-2021-89 Practical project for 2021-2023Water scarcity in the coastal and semi-coastal river basins of Uzbekistan and India and assessment of the impact of dams and climate change on the coast
UZB-Ind-2021-93 Practical project for 2021-2023A novel biochar and rhizobacteria-based bioinoculant for healthy food production from stressed agro-ecosystems
UZB-Ind-2021-98 Practical project for 2021-2023Research and development of stream encryption algorithms
A-OT-2021-380 Implementation project for 2021-2024Creation of biostimulants with peptide bonds used as bio-additives for cattle feed
FZ-2019081426 Innovative project to be implemented in 2020-2022Obtaining detergents based on processed alkali solution at "NAVOIYAZOT" JSC
A-OT-2021-11 Innovative project to be implemented in 2021-2022Creating an electronic transdisciplinary platform of the complex of religious and national values ​​of the Uzbek people
A-OT-2021-64 Innovative project to be implemented in 2021-2022Creating a mobile application for quality and fast social services provided to families
A-OT-2021-133 Innovative project for 2021-2023Creating an interactive study guide based on 3D technologies in chemistry
A-OT-2021-132 Innovative project for 2021-2023Development of the "i-Turism" platform on the historical and ethnocultural resources of the Surkhan oasis
I-OT-2021-302 Innovative project for 2021-2023Creating an electronic platform of "Physical training and sports marketing" training manual
A-OT-2021-419 Innovative project to be implemented in 2021-2022Creation of an electronic platform for the professional competence improvement course of English language teachers in state and non-state preschool educational organizations (Pre-schoolPDP)
F-OT-2021-155 Fundamental project for 2021-2026Creation of lines with new economic traits based on chromosomal exchange of cotton from Gossypium barbadense to Gossypium hirsutum
F-OT-2021-237 Fundamental project for 2021-2026Hydrogen production by photocatalytic splitting of water under the influence of sunlight: theoretical and experimental investigation of the synthesis and properties of nanostructured photocatalysts
F-OT-2021-248 Fundamental project for 2021-2026Development of intelligent methods and technologies for identifying, identifying and eliminating risks for information protection based on functional tables
F-OT-2021-291 Fundamental project for 2021-2026Electrochemical and electrophysical basis of obtaining nanocomposite polymer coatings
A-OT-2021-542 Implementation project for 2021-2022Creating an electronic platform and multimedia complex, which will further study the legacy of repression victims, perpetuate their memory and highlight the importance of their socio-political, spiritual and educational ideas in education and upbringing.
MRB-2021-520 Innovative project to be implemented in 2021-2023Creation of photocatalytic coatings based on metal oxides for cleaning water from organic pollutants
A-OT-2021-461 Implementation project for 2021-2022Creation of a training course platform based on multimedia technologies on the basics of financial literacy and the study of the stock market in general educational institutions
AL – 442105887 Practical project to be completed in 2022-2023Digital archive: creating an online guide to the funds of the National Archives of Uzbekistan
IL – 632204144-R1 Innovative project to be implemented in 2022-2023Propagation of some plants belonging to the Fabaceae family in the saline areas of the dry bottom of the Aral Sea and creation of their new plantations
IL – 492104180 Implementation project for 2022-2025Development of agrotechnology for the restoration and preservation of the landscape of protective ecosystems in the Amudarya delta using agroforestry management tools
AL – 5721122072 Implementation project for 2022-2025Integrated use of solar radiation data from ground observations and geostationary meteorological satellites for sustainable development of agriculture, water and energy resources
IL – 632204172 Innovative project to be implemented in 2022-2023Cultivation of some promising essential oil plants growing on saline soils in the territory of Arolboyi Mo'inoq district and its introduction into practice
IL – 632204138 Innovative project to be implemented in 2022-2023Selection of salt-resistant species by introducing biopreparations in the dry bottom area of ​​the Aral Sea, improving soil properties and using mineralized collector water in the cultivation of pasture crops
FZ-20200929344 Fundamental project for 2022-2026Determination of delay times and mechanisms of gravitational lensing in primary gravitationally lensed systems
IL-402104339 Implementation project for 2022-2023Development of specialized maps based on geographical analysis of non-ecological conditions of Uzbekistan (for Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions)
AL 2021090820 Implementation project for 2022-2024Creating digital maps of invasive and quarantine plant foci in natural landscapes
FZ-202009143 Fundamental project for 2022-2026Control of optical characteristics of oxide and fluoride crystals activated by rare earth elements using a magnetic field
 Practical project for 2022-2024Hydrogen and photocurrent generation through photosynthesis and respiratory systems in bio-photovoltaics based on conducting biopolymers cyanobacteria
AL-442201944 Implementation project for 2022-2022Creating a 3D animated virtual gallery of unique exhibits in the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan
FZ-2020092435 Fundamental project for 2022-2026
Verification of the Seebeck effect and the Seebeck spin effect in topological insulators
FZ-2020092851 Fundamental project for 2022-2026Physics of small-scale turbulent instabilities on the background of pulsations of self-gravitating systems with different geometries
AL-4721035462 Implementation project for 2022-2024Creation of a digital geoinformation bank with assessment of their salinity adaptation potential for regionalization of new varieties of desert food crops
 International project for 2018-2022Erasmus+ NICOPA: New and innovative courses for precision agriculture
 International project for 2019-2022Erasmus+ SPACECOM: A new curriculum in space systems and communications engineering
 International project for 2019-2022Erasmus+ UNICAC: Cooperation on knowledge exchange between Central Asian and Chinese universities
 International project for 2017-2022Erasmus+ DSinGIS: PhD in Geoinformatics
  International project to be completed in 2020-2022Improving the system of training social work personnel based on international standards of Uzbekistan (UNICEF)
  International project to be completed in 2020-2022UZB0006: Increasing the capacity of the National University of Uzbekistan and Samarkand State University to use nuclear science and technology for peaceful purposes (IAEA)