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Department of organic chemistry

Xoliqov Tursunali  Suyunovich-Head of the department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Friday, 14:00 – 17:00

 +998 99 890-72-44

Year of the organization of the department:1921

Heads of the Department. prof. Naumov S.N. (1921-1930), academician Sukervanik .I.P (1933-1968) UzR АS academician Sukervanik I.P. (1931-1967), prof. Aburasuleva А.R. (1967-1984), prof. Yuldashev Х.Y. (1984-1992), prof. Ahmedon K.N. (1993-2008), dots. Tojimuhamedov X.S. (2009-2012), Ahmedov U.Ch. (2013-2014), Xolikov Т.S. (2017 to  date).

N/;SubjectsBrief information about subject
1Organic chemistry ( Bachelor degree)Organic Chemistry - General concepts of organic chemistry, such as alkanes, alkenes, alkadienes, alcohols …… are taught to students in depth.  
2Mechanizm of organic reactions ( Bachelor degree)Organic reaction mechanisms - teaches the conditions and mechanism of formation of organic substances.  
3Natural and syntetic paints  (  Bachelor degree )Provides general information on chemical dyes, such as natural inorganic and organic dyes.  
4Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds  (Master’s degree)Provides information on the naming, production, physicochemical properties, and uses of heterocyclic compounds.  
5Gas and liquid chromatography in organic chemistry (Master's degree)  General concepts of chromatography, its types and rules of work in chromatography ……. provides information such as  

 About researchers and research
T/rLast name and first name of  the research professor and  teacher  Academic degree and title  The topic of the dissertation  
1Sapaev Frunza AdomboevichPhDReactions of sodium salts of benzoic acid with p-state substituents with hydrochloric acid derivatives  
2Yusufov Muhriddin Saidovich PhDChlorination of aminophenol isomers and synthesis based on the obtained products  
3Xurrramov Elyor NarzullaevichPhDTo study the reactions of exchange anilines with glycol, diglycol and salicylic acids  

 Domestic and foreign cooperation:
  • Institute of Plant Chemistry of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences,
  • Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences,
  • Shurtan-Gas Chemical Complex,
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences,
  • Kyushi University of Japan, Professor Kohei Torekai
  • National Medical University of Kazakhstan, PhD Begimova Gulzeynep Urisbaevna

The structure of the department
T/rLast name and first name  e-mail
1Abdushukurov Anvar  
2Tojimuhamedov Habibulla
3Xoliqov Tursunali  Suyunovich  
4Yuldasheva Muhabbat
5Azimova Gulmira  
6Yusufov Muhriddin Saidovich
7Xurrramov Elyor
8Ochilov Shohzod Ergash o’
9Sapaev Frunza
10Islomova Yulduz


Organic chemistry classes are held for 2-3 year students.