The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is 105 years old!

Students of the National University of Uzbekistan have taken an active part in “Beg’araz Donorlik” (“Voluntary Donorship”) and “Mehr Ulash” (“Share Kindness”) charity campaigns

As it is commonly known, today in our country great attention is being paid to the development of volunteering organizations and in general volunteerism itself, attracting large segments of the population to free donation, providing patients with safe blood components, and strengthening the material and technical base of blood transfusion stations. The National University of Uzbekistan has been participating in the “Beg’araz Donorlik” (Voluntary donorship) and “Mehr Ulash” (Share kindness) campaigns for ten years. In particular, over the past years, in cooperation with the Women's Council of NUUz, the “Ibn-Sino Health Center” Republican Blood Transfusion Center, a number of important projects aimed at the development of voluntary donation among university professors, employees and students have been developed and subsequently realized. Necessary promotional work was carried out to attract voluntary donation. As a result, the number of people interested in voluntary donation among students is increasing year by year. Every year, about 350-400 professors, teachers, employees and students of the university donate blood by participating in the voluntary donation campaigns. “Mehr Ulash” charity event was an important step in development and promotion of donation importnace, helping people who need blood due to various diseases or accidents, especially children, to recover.
Employees of Ministry of Justice and state establishments voluntarily participated in the action and donated blood. “Currently in our country, healthy citizens between the ages of 18 and 60 can undergo a medical examination at the Republican Blood Center and regional blood transfusion departments and donate according to a doctor's recommendation,” says Dr. Alonur Saidov, director of the Republican Blood Transfusion Center. It should be mentioned that any healthy person can be a donor. It is absolutely safe for health. On the contrary, when a donor donates blood, his immune system is strengthened, blood pressure is normalized. The main thing is that this seemingly simple work may save someone's life.
At this point, the Ministry of Health calls on all our compatriots to actively participate in charitable actions such as “Mehr Ulash” held for the purpose of development of the donation movement, to be a voluntary donor and to help patients in need as much as possible.